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Volumetric Vibratory Tray Feeder

Article-Volumetric Vibratory Tray Feeder

The KDA VV-260P feeder dispenses free-flowing granular materials and powders by splitting the flow of material to a multitude of discrete locations. The concept was patented in March of 2000 and the feeder is a method of dosing into applications such as reactors, mixers, furnaces and like processes where a continuous, accurate, and evenly divided supply of an ingredient is required in multiple locations. The Pentium is a volumetric vibratory tray feeder that operates at the resonant frequency of the tray and the material on the tray. Placing the feeder on a scale and connecting same with a loss-in-weight controller converts the unit to a gravimetric feeder capable of dosing free-flowing powder at accuracies equal or better the 0.25% deviation from set point at 2 Sigma. As opposed to the high/low pulsing action of an auger, the Pentium’s output is a constant, continuous cascade of material.
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