Ajax Equipment Supplies Coveya with Two Triple-Screw Feeders

The dual retractable stainless steel feeders with hoppers will be used for powder handling.

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Triple Screw Feeders
Ajax Equipment has supplied Coveya with two retractable stainless steel triple screw feeders with hoppers for powder handling. Image courtesy of Ajax Equipment

Ajax Equipment has supplied material transfer specialists, Coveya, with two retractable stainless steel triple screw feeders with hoppers for powder handling.

Sitting above the triple screw feeders, the hoppers feature two stage plane flow symmetry to encourage mass flow of the powder. The triple screw feeders aid the flow of powder by providing active extraction from the entire length and width of the hopper’s outlet while delivering a controlled discharge and feed rate.

Using a triple screw feeder means the product can be distributed evenly across the width of a belt conveyor handling another bulk product. Mounting the pair of multi-screw feeders and hoppers on rails allows each of the powder handling systems to be withdrawn from the line.     

“Ajax worked closely with us to ensure that the screw feeders were manufactured with our unique application in mind and conducted tests on the material to determine the optimal shape of the screw feeders receiving hopper,” said Winston Herbert, sales executive, Coveya.

“Ajax always recommends material testing in the development of handling and processing solutions as it provides valuable insight into how to work with a material effectively and reliably,” said Lewis Shaw, technical sales engineer at Ajax Equipment. “Testing of the aggregate powder showed a hopper with two-stage design as well as manufacturing the equipment in stainless steel would help ensure material flow.”


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