Ajax Supplies Grain Pellet Handling System for Distillery

Stainless steel handling system includes hopper improvements and screw feeder

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

January 12, 2023

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Ajax Equipment has supplied North British Distillery with a stainless steel grain pellet handling system.Image courtesy of Ajax Equipment

Solids handling specialist, Ajax Equipment has supplied North British Distillery (NBD), a leading distillation and maturation business, with a stainless steel grain pellet handling system comprising hopper improvements and screw feeder. 

NBD is one of Scotland’s largest scotch grain whisky manufacturers, producing more than one million liters of alcohol per week.

To increase flow from the existing silo, Ajax supplied a new bottom section of the hopper with steep, stainless steel-lined converging walls that form new dual outlets to the twin screw feeder. The new feeder’s larger diameter screws provide greater extraction through variable pitch geometry, as well as increased tolerance of the material’s variability in flow condition.  

“Following flow property tests being carried out by Ajax, NBD committed to installing the new hopper sections and twin outlet screw to one of our Distillers Dark Grains storage silos. Feedback from our feeds plant operations has been positive, and they have commented on an improved movement of material within the bin and emptying times,” said Paul Donaldson, project manager, North British Distillery. 

“After discussing the flow issues experienced with North British Distillery, Ajax carried out testing with the grain pellets including determining the material’s wall friction characteristics to select the most suitable material for the new handling system," said Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment. "Material testing offers excellent insight into the behaviors of a bulk solid, which are valuable in the short term for equipment design, but also in ensuring long-term performance.” 

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