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Gravimetric Feeder

May 11, 2009
The Maguire MGF Series gravimetric device for feeding colorants and additives into plastics processing machines has a new modular design that increases production "uptime" while continuing to be more accurate and no more costly than conventional volumetric feeders. The improved design increases uptime (time spent in production rather than changing colors or jobs) by making it possible to remove all main feeder components separately. The basic concept of the MGF feeder is still the same: use of load cells to accurately monitor the loss-in-weight of colorant in the hopper as the material is fed into the processing machine by an auger. But now the only component mounted on the load cell is the hopper, and this is readily removable from the device, as are the auger, the auger tube, the motor, and the load cell bracket. As a result, it is easier and faster to access components for cleanout or servicing. Maguire Products Inc., Aston, PA 610-459-4300 www.maguire.com