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Vacuum Paddle Dryer

Article-Vacuum Paddle Dryer

Komline-Sanderson vacuum paddle dryer
Komline-Sanderson vacuum paddle dryer

The Komline-Sanderson vacuum paddle dryer is shown drying a temperature-sensitive product using a nitrogen blanket to preclude oxidation from exposure to air.

Frequently, industrial products and foodstuffs suffer degradation when exceeding certain temperature limits or experience hazardous reactions from exposure to certain other conditions such as oxygen. By using a vacuum drying system for these products, the temperature can be maintained at the optimal level for product integrity and safely control the atmosphere as necessary.

The paddle dryer is an indirectly heated or cooled highly efficient heat transfer device. The dual counter-rotating shafts with intermeshing paddles and the vessel trough are indirectly heated with either thermal fluid or steam providing a safer and more efficient heat transfer than other dryer strategies. The closed-system dryer generates minimal off-gas volume and typically requires no pre-conditioning of the feed, allowing for simplified operation, low maintenance, and easy operation. Low moisture or solvent levels can be achieved in an enclosed process.

Komline-Sanderson Corp., Peapack, NJ 908-234-1000 www.komline.com

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