Vacuum Dryer-Pulverizer: Patented Rotary Double Cone with Lump Breaker Units

Unit is designed to treat wet or damp pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and chemical powders.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

January 31, 2023

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Italvacuum introduces the Criox System Model RBG 350 double cone rotary vacuum dryer with lump breaker units.Image courtesy of Mixing Dynamics

Powder Show Booth 2706 - Italvacuum introduces the Criox system -- a double cone rotary vacuum dryer pulverizer.

Designed to treat wet or damp pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, and chemical powders, the Criox System has a bi-conical drying chamber with electrical motor-driven lump breaker blades that crush agglomerates in the batch, increasing the surface area of the product exposed to evaporation, improving the mixing effectiveness and consequently reduce drying times.

Available materials of construction include stainless steel types 316L, 304, 904L, and Alloy C-22.

The Criox System can be supplied with Italvacuum’s Saurus piston-type vacuum pump that can produce an ultimate vacuum level of 0.03 millibar, as well as auxiliary units such as the heating and cooling unit, the vacuum condensation group, and the control panel with PLC and touch-screen HMI, all which present a complete turnkey system.

Mixing Dynamics, Commack, NY 631-838-3640

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