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86077.tifFly Ash Level Measurement
Booth 2907 - The Gladiator Admittance switch product line solves the problem of detecting fly ash levels and eliminates the need for regulatory, safety, and administrative concerns when using radiometric (gamma/nuclear) devices. There is a need in the power industry to measure the bin level inside fly ash hoppers under an electrostatic precipitator. Traditional capacitance devices provide a lower cost alternative with limited success. The low dielectric constant of fly ash and the temperature extremes makes a reliable setting for a traditional capacitance probe difficult. The Gladiator Admittance series extends the performance of capacitance and RF probes through the use of a stable oscillator core that exhibits almost no drift with process temperature changes. High stability allows for increased sensitivity when setting switch points, which improves the ability to reliably detect products having lower dielectric constants.  Hawk Measurement, Middleton, MA 888-429-5538 www.hawkmeasure.com

86078.tifVibratory Feeders
Booth 2711 – Available in variable or fixed rate models, these  vibratory feeders provide smooth, quiet conveyance action. These rugged, heavy-duty feeders have no belts to maintain and no springs to tune or air gaps to adjust. They come with above-, below-, or side-mounted drives, and trough lengths and designs to meet customers’ needs. A quiet twin-motor conversion kit is offered that replaces old, noisy worn-out electromagnetic or natural frequency drives on existing  vibratory feeders and screeners.  Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237 www.bestvibes.com

86079.tifWeight Indicator
Booth 2349 - Instantly determine material inventory with the 825 Spectrum weight indicator’s ability to view 10 scales on-screen simultaneously. The power of the Spectrum’s large 640 × 480 pixel color LCD becomes apparent when, in one scan of the eye, you can check on your entire tank farm’s stocking levels. By touching a scale’s weight on-screen, the indicator brings up the individual scale’s information to set zone target values and ranges, zero weight, and apply tare weights. Two next-generation, 32-bit ColdFire processors with 64MB user memory make this unit extremely fast. It easily handles up to 10 scale cards weighing at 200 samples per second independently. This allows instantaneous gate cutoff, which is ideal for digital fill control applications, such as asphalt load-outs, rock quarries, grain silos, and chemical  applications.  Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co.,  Webb City, MO 417-673-4631 www.cardinalscale.com

86080.tifImproved Particle Size Analyzer
Booth 2203 –The LA-950 system is a high-performance laser diffraction particle size analyzer. Recent improvements to the PowderJet dry powder feeder include increasing the upper measurement pressure to 4 bar, completely flexible adjustment of working pressure from 0 to 4 bar, and automatic recoding and display of the pressure used for the measurement. Even sub micron samples can now be completely dispersed in the natural dry state and accurately measured from 200 nm to 3 mm. The most significant advancement, however, comes with the launch of the Method Expert software. This new software suite completely automates method development. Every decision required during method development is now automated through advanced software routines that guide the user through a rigorous process. The steps automated by Method Expert include selection of refractive index, measurement duration, pump and stirrer speed, concentration, and amount of ultrasound. The user is guided at each step to select a range of possible settings, perform the necessary measurements, and then select the optimum condition. Each chosen condition is then stored in a method file that will automatically perform each step of the procedure with the click of a single button. Horiba Instruments Inc., Irvine, CA 800-446-7422 www.horibalab.com

86081.tifGravity Flow Sifters
Booth 2506 – The QA Tru-Balance Series line of gravity flow sifters operates with a horizontal gyratory sifting motion that is recognized for its precision separations. Since the sifters use multiple stacked sieves, large amounts of sifting surface can be obtained while using a minimum of floor space. Multiple separations can be achieved with the amount of sieve area for each separation accurately allocated according to product requirements. Features include: all stainless-steel contact surfaces; simple, sanitary sieve frame construction; snap-on food grade neoprene gaskets; elimination of all fasteners in the product zone; elimination of traditional backwire; reliable pneumatic sieve compression system; easy access for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance; and wrap around guards for unsurpassed personnel safety. Great Western Mfg. Co., Inc., Leavenworth, KS 800-682-3121 www.gwmfg.com

86082.tifShaft Seals
Booth 2630 – Custom-engineered MECO shaft seals for rotating dry bulk process equipment are alternatives to v-rings, lip seals, and packed glands. They seal powders in blenders, airlocks, feeder/baggers, vacuum dryers reactors, and more, and welcome challenges such as damaged shafts, high temperatures, vacuum applications, tight spaces, service in hazardous atmospheres, or where seals must be easy to clean. The HB model seal for standard-sized screw conveyors and similar equipment applies custom sealing technology to a new generation of high-performing seals, in 16 stock sizes with quick conversions to other sizes. The HB model seal is designed to work in most every application condition associated with screw conveyors or scrolls. Woodex Bearing Company, Inc., Georgetown, ME 800-526-8800 www.mecoseal.com

86083.tifVacuum Conveyor
Booth 2237 - The No-Tip unloader has been developed to eliminate material flow issues involved when transferring powders, granules, pellets, capsules, tablets, and other bulk materials through conventional unloading methods requiring tipping of the raw material drum, bin, or IBC. When combined with a Volkmann vacuum conveyor, the unit offers an interactive, enclosed transfer system with  advantages over conventional, old-fashioned, mechanical transport technologies. It features a lifting column equipped with three product sensors for product recognition. Activated by the sensors, the column guides the product suction device while initially holding the product repository liner bag in place, and then lifting it up to exhaust as much product as possible in the final suction periods. The suction process continues automatically until no product is recognized or an operator mechanically stops the process. This vacuum transport can supply packaging lines, mixers, filling machines, tablet presses, etc., on demand. Volkmann Inc., Hainesport, NJ 609-265-0101 www.volkmann.info/en

86084.tifMultipoint Grounding
Booth 2745 - For powder-handling plants with several potentially isolated conductive parts, the Earth-Rite Multipoint system prevents static ignition in any and all of the various components. The intrinsically safe system provides individual status indications or can be linked to a lock-out control system, preventing operation of equipment until proper grounding is achieved. The system ensures elements are connected together and safely grounded, providing up to eight interconnected channels from a single intrinsically safe supply. It produces positive outputs, with individual indications, only when the resistance to ground is less than 10 Ω. Newson Gale Inc., Jackson, NJ  732-987-7715 www.newson-gale.com

86085.tifFeeder Control Module
Booth 3935 – The HI 1756-FC is a single-feeder control module that mounts directly into an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix chassis. It is a closed-loop rate controller used with auger, belt, and vibratory-based feeders, converting them from volumetric to gravimetric feeding. This rate controller features true five-point automatic rate calibration, automatic feeder refill, and various alarms including rate tolerance and disturbance utilizing the PLC’s rack I/O. The unit was developed with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Add-On Profile (AOP), which allows the end user to quickly and easily configure the instrument for their application through PLC software on a PC. It is also fully integrated into the Allen-Bradley Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB). IAB allows the end user to spec out and design their system for optimal productivity, increasing speed and simplifying integration with the click of a mouse. In addition, Hardy Instruments provides sample ladder logic building blocks of code that can easily be inserted into existing code to quickly program the feeder system application. Hardy Instruments, San Diego, CA  800-821-5831 www.hardyinstruments.com

86086.tifConveyor Tunnel Metal Detector
Booth 1023 – The Conveyor Tunnel Metal Detector (CT-MD) is an integrated conveyor tunnel-type metal detector. Designed to inspect both bulk and packaged product on a powered belt conveyor process line, the sensor head utilizes state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP), ensuring higher sensitivity and improved signal filtering over standard microprocessor equipment. The powered belt conveyor, framing, and controls (included) are available in sanitary design for food-grade applications. Units are designed for simple programming adjustments when needed, for applications that include multiple system product processing. Standard features include self-diagnostic routines, automatic balance control and product compensation, stainless-steel construction, programmable function keys with LCD display, and a product library that stores 50 different products.  Magnetic Products Inc., Highland, MI 800-544-5930 www.mpimagnet.com

86087.tifIntelligent Junction Box
Booth 2629 - The iQUBE2 quickly manages multiple-cell scale systems, updating up to 500 times per second. Users can identify noise, test for linearity, zero reference, and monitor drift, all with the intelligent junction box. A key feature is the load cell emulation. As the diagnostic tool identifies a load cell failure, iQUBE2 calculates an accurate weight, based on comparisons to functioning cells. Your business can keep weighing until a repair is made.  Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Rice Lake, WI 800-472-6703 www.ricelake.com/iqube2

86088.tifThermal Processor
Booth 1000 - This sealed tank design heat treater is the first to be placed in commercial operation to practice PMET’s patented process technology for the recovery of mercury from powdered activated carbon used to remove mercury from flue gases. After processing, the stripped carbon can be reused as a sorbent many times, reducing the cost of PAC usage. Mercury is recovered as a saleable metal product. No secondary waste streams are generated in the process with this technology. The unit includes an internal electrical heating system to provide the heat to remove the residual mercury. A small purge of dry nitrogen is used to purge the vapor from the system, keeping fines carryover to a minimum. Wyssmont Company, Inc.,  Fort Lee, NJ 201-947-4600 www.wyssmont.com

86089.tifVibratory Equipment
Booth 1304 - Dynamic Air is introducing the new Kraus line of vibratory  equipment and will offer models of the Kraus Gyro loss-in-weight feeder, the Stedi-Flex vibratory feeder, and the L-Series air-operated vibratory feeder. In addition, a fully operational dense-phase pneumatic conveying system will also be exhibited, plus the Bella fluidized zone mixer, Modu-Kleen dust collector, Blendcon air blender, Dyna-Slide high-precision feeder, BulkBuster bulk bag  unloader, BagBuster bag breaker, and Cruncher bag compactor.  Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN  651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

86090.tifParticulate Monitoring for Baghouse Leak Detection
Booth 2243 - The BM-30 LGX particulate monitoring system is designed for general process and environmental monitoring. Applications include continuous emissions monitoring, baghouse filter leak detection, and process particulate flow monitoring. It detects many types of particulate including solid particulates such as dusts, powders, granules, and pellets. The unit is designed to help companies meet regulatory requirements by detecting leaks before emissions are visible, and prevents the escape of valuable or dangerous powders while providing a cleaner, safer workplace. BinMaster, Lincoln, NE  402-434-9100 www.binmaster.com

86092.tifDry Powder Feeder
Booth 2203 - The PowderJet dry powder feeder is a sampler used to transport powders through the LA-950 for particle size analysis. Three design improvements have been made. First, the upper air pressure limit has been increased from 3 to 4 bar (approximately 60 psi). This supplies more energy to help disperse strongly agglomerated particles. Powder particles as small as 0.5 μm can be perfectly dispersed and analyzed in a natural dry state. Secondly, the user can now select any pressure desired between 0 and 4 bar. This allows finer tuning of the method based on the optimum pressure for dispersion without breaking particles. Thirdly, the air pressure selected and used for measurement is recorded and displayed in the result, ensuring consistent sampler settings for any given powder sample. Horiba Instruments Inc.,  Irvine, CA 800-446-7422 www.horibalab.com

86093.tifButterfly Valves and Linear Vibrator
Booth 1012 - The Series 585/586 inflatable seated butterfly valve is designed for the most severe applications. The new heavy-duty seat has been designed for higher operating pressures and temperatures. Standard valve sizes range from 2 to 24 in. and fit both ANSI and metric flanges. The VMAX linear vibrator operates with low noise levels and high force outputs and accommodates the most demanding applications. Features include special end mounts, dual ports, and a totally enclosed housing. With a state-of-the-art piston design, the VMAX linear vibrator does not require a spring to start and is centrifugally balanced, which prolongs the life and increases the force output over conventional models. Posi-flate, St. Paul, MN 651-484-5800 www.posiflate.com

86094.tifPowder Testing Reference Standard
Booth 3520 - Freeman Technology will present a new reference standard for use with the company’s FT4 powder tester. The FT4 uses patented dynamic methodology, an automated shear cell, and several bulk property tests, including density, compressibility, and permeability to quantify powder properties in terms of flow and processability. In combination with defined test methodologies, the new standard, a stable fine limestone (CRM116/BCR116), enables users to verify the long-term performance of the FT4 in line with their own laboratory practices. CRM116/BCR116 is a limestone supplied by the EU Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, for which there already exists calibration data for shear testing. Test protocols and acceptable results ranges for dynamic, shear, and bulk property measurement (compressibility and permeability) have now also been established. Testing the performance of the FT4 is simply a matter of running the automated test sequence and comparing the data generated.  Freeman Technology, Welland, Worcestershire, UK +44 1684 310860 www.freemantech.co.uk

86095.tifBelt Filter
Booth 2213 - BHS offers its largest belt filter, 3.50 m wide with 73.5 sq m of filter area and candle filter system. The belt filter is for filtration, washing, and drying of high-valued product in an alkaline slurry while the candle filters  recovers fines and recombines them in the process for maximum product recovery. The continuous indexing vacuum belt filter technology provides for thin-cake (as small as 5 mm) production on a continuous basis. Vacuum filtration, cake washing, vacuum, or hot-gas drying with mechanical compression and automatic and continuous dry cake discharge steps are tailored to meet specific process requirements. The filter is a continuous-indexing design where the filter cloth is moved intermittently in steps while the trays are fixed in place. During the cloth movement, the vacuum is switched on and off to allow the cloth to move (index). The entire operation is pneumatic and easily controlled. Due to the indexing operation, washing and drying efficiencies are maximized, as the belt is stopped and the mechanism of plug-flow for gases and liquids occurs. BHS-Filtration Inc., Charlotte, NC 704-845-1190 www.bhs-filtration.com

86096.tifExplosion Isolation Pinch Valve
Booth 3635 - This pneumatically operated Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve (EIPV) is CE and ATEX tested and certified. The EIPV prevents deflagration propagation through interconnecting pipes or conveying lines, protecting additional process equipment and operating locations. When an explosion event is detected, a heavy-duty food-grade elastomeric sleeve closes at high speed, using standard plant air. Through extensive testing, the design has proven to block explosion pressures of 3 bar. For activation, the EIPV uses a new solenoid output version of Fike’s EPACO control module. The EIPV can be mounted vertical or horizontal, can be reset by users, and is virtually maintenance free.  Fike, Blue Springs, MO 800-937-3453 www.fike.com

86097.tifDe-Watering Bulk Container
Booth 4143 - The DeWatering Super Sack FIBC facilitates filtration of a fluid mixture, allowing the solid materials to be retained as the liquids drain. Made with special porous polypropylene (PP) fabric with warp and weft tensile strengths greater than those of 8-oz PP fabric, this tough container has a variety of uses. Applications include cake filtering, de-watering sludge, clarifying water or other liquids, biotreatment projects, product washing, product collecting, and more. B.A.G. Corp., Dallas, TX  800-331-9200 www.bagcorp.com

86098.tifSpray Drying
Booth 2945 – This company offers a full range of pilot plants, as well as complete process solutions for spray drying and processing a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products. Pilot plants can be used to gain valuable information and drying experience when faced with the challenge of a new product to process. They are also suitable for small-scale production when the output required is lower, allowing for tight quality and cost control.  Techni Process North America Inc., London, ON, Canada  519-850-5187 www.techniprocess.com

86139.tifBelt Cleaner
Booth 2245 - This precleaner for conveyor belts was developed for extended performance and low cost of ownership. The Performance Duty QC#1 belt cleaner (PDQC#1) is the most recent addition to the company’s line of “quick change” belt cleaners, designed with a steel rib that allows “one-pin” blade replacement to minimize labor and downtime. The new cleaner features a rugged steel mainframe, low-maintenance spring tensioner, and high-volume urethane blade that extends life while maintaining cleaning performance. The one-piece urethane blade employs the patented Constant Angle Radial Pressure (CARP) design for consistent cleaning across all stages of blade life. The unit features 20% more urethane than competitive blades, yielding longer life in even the most challenging applications. Martin Engineering Co., Neponset, IL 800-544-2947 www.martin-eng.com

86204.tifBagging Machines
Booth 2931 - The AB1500, TF1200, and TF2000 bagging machines can be used for the following applications: resin, calcium chloride, fertilizers, pulses (lentils, peas, beans), popcorn kernel, pet foods, bird feeds, animal feeds, grass seeds, wood pellets, sand and gravel, mortar mix, etc. The type of films, material, and bags used are polyethylene tubular films with machine speeds up to 2000 bags per hour. Open-mouth premade bags include woven polypropylene, woven polypropylene laminated with polyethylene, polyethylene, multilayer paper, and paper polyethylene. These bags can be either heat sealed or sewn depending on the type of material. The mechanical speed for this type of machine is up to 1500 bags per hour, with a constant speed of 1200 to 1300 bags per hour. IMS Group, Grand Rapids, MI  616-942-5500 www.imsgroupusa.net

86240.tifUltrasonic Sieving Equipment
Booth 2435 - This company manufactures ultrasonic sieving equipment for the mineral, chemical, pharmaceutical, metals, food, and powder industries. The new Sonoscreen Plus sieving system offers up to six operating modes and 16 customer-specific settings. The Sonoscreen Easy sieving system can be used for a variety of vibratory applications. Sonoscreen Plus is ATEX rated and both systems will allow up to two screens to  operate with one power supply. Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc., Shelby Township, MI 586-802-0033 www.telsonic.com

86371.tifPowder Induction & Dispersion Line
Booth 3035 - A new model in the Fastfeed line is designed to double in-line powder delivery capabilities, offering controlled feed rates from 3 to 400 lb/min. The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system offers consistent powder delivery even as viscosity and solids levels increase, ensuring that the system will never plug or foul. It offers the benefits of an in-line, skid-mounted dispersion system that feeds powders and disperses them instantly. It allows processors to add dry ingredients to mix vessels in a more ergonomic fashion, reducing operator injuries and providing the shear required for today’s changing and tougher ingredients, ensuring maximum yield. Admix Inc., Manchester, NH  800-466-2369 www.admix.com