DryPro: State of the Art in Screening & Separation of Powders & Bulk Solids

March 1, 2024

1 Hr View

Date: Apr 10, 2024

Duration: 1 Hr

Screening/separation technologies have been around since before written history. The industrial revolution, and more recently computers and controls, have rapidly accelerated the development of screening/separation processes. Powerful and inexpensive new tools and resources are available to inventors, resulting in unprecedented development. This webinar aims to summarize the top new technological inventions and applications in the area of screening and separation, focusing on the food and ag industry. The webinar begins with an overview of screening/separation theory and modern technologies being used to improve them. Examples are presented to illustrate the concepts and benefits of the new technologies. The webinar concludes with a review of the new technologies, future predictions, and recommendations.

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