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Editor's Choice

85574.tifDeviceNet Baghouse Controller
This baghouse controller features DeviceNet communications for integration with Allen-Bradley PLCs or a DCS (distributed control system). DeviceNet is a simple networking solution that reduces the cost and time required to wire and install industrial automation devices and is an effective way to provide access to information in intelligent controls. The B-PAC series of Baghouse Performance Analyzers and Controllers feature advanced predictive maintenance and equipment condition monitoring such as the ability to instantly detect and locate failed solenoids, leaking or frozen pulse diaphragms, and filter leaks. The controller also lowers energy use by employing intelligent pulse cleaning. The DeviceNet communications allow plant operators to receive the wealth of information and control options provided thru a single DeviceNet cable.  FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304 www.filtersense.com


Stainless-Steel Bag Filler
SmartFil systems are ideal for high-grade powders where accuracy, gentle handling, and a high degree of sanitation are critical. All models feature easy-to-clean components and excellent dust suppression during the filling process. Models range from the very basic, a manual design that can fill 50-lb bags at rates up to 100/hr, to fully-automatic systems that can fill, palletize, and shrinkwrap up to 480 bags/hr. Larger models utilize the Never-Let-Go philosophy, where the filling machine has complete control and does not release the bag until it’s filled and sealed. Off-the-shelf components are used whenever possible to simplify maintenance and minimize costs. Models for most bag sizes and configurations are available. Nu-Con Equipment, Chanhassen, MN 952-279-5210 www.nucon.com


Capacitive Proximity Switches
The Model CHP capacitive proximity switch product line consists of units that operate with AC loads and DC. They are compact at 30mm in diameter and approximately 80mm deep. The 2-wire AC units operate from 20–250VAC and switches loads as high as 300ma. They come with built-in ESD protection and operate over a temperature range from -13 to +158°F. The 4-wire DC devices are capable of interfacing with a wide variety of PLCs, switching 10-30VDC, and come in either NPN or PNP styles with both NO and NC wiring connectivity.  BlueLevel Technologies Inc., Peru, IL 888-262-2662  www.blueleveltechnologies.com


Sieve Tower Analyzer
Booth 1356 - The laboratory/pilot sieve tower tests both wet and dry material. It is fully adjustable to a variety of sieve frames to support a wide range of product samples for ceramic, food, pharmaceutical, powder metal, powder paint, ceramic powder, solder powder, and other applications. Heavy-duty dual-drive controls ensure effective throughout for up to eight full-frame sieves or 16 half-frame sieves with mesh sizes as small as 20 µm (635 mesh). The unit’s rugged dual-drive design allows for quick sieve analysis of materials. Adjustable, concentric dual outboard rotary electric drives, coupled with variable speed control, allows for complete control settings. Sieve frames of 8, 12, or 17 in. are available. Cleveland Vibrator Co., Cleveland, OH 216-241-7157  www.clevelandvibrator.com


Shear Strength Tester
In its final stages of development, the SSSpinTester uses the science of centrifugal force to measure the unconfined yield strength of fine powders using a sample as small as 0.05 g. Current methods of measuring the strength of a powdered material require at least one liter of sample—usually hard to come by in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. New technology extends the testing range down to 0.2 KPA, which will allow direct measurement for arching. Other strength testers can only go as low as 1.0 KPA and so arching data must be extrapolated (a method which is inherently inaccurate). If you can generate sufficient sample to run a particle size analysis, then you’ve got a sample of sufficient quantity to measure strength with the SSSpinTester. Able to quantify the strength of fine powders in as little as 15 minutes, this tester takes its user to the cutting-edge of productivity. Its 14 × 16-in. footprint makes it easy to accommodate in any testing laboratory. It will arrive at the facility, complete with bonus testing cells, a preprogrammed laptop, and instruction manual with demonstration video on CD. Material Flow Solutions Inc., Gainesville, FL 352-303-9123 www.matflowsol.com