Virto/Elcan Toll Processing Continues to Grow

March 13, 2013

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Virto/Elcan Toll Processing Continues to Grow
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Virto/Elcan Industries now has seven double capacity tolling bays and three laboratories that can provide expanded toll processing services to big and small clients.

Virto/Elcan’s screening capability enables customers sending any quantity of material to be efficiently separated on either the Virto multi-frequency screener or the Minox tumbler screener. Toll processing is another opportunity for customers to develop new products and achieve commercial success without being capitally committed. After the new product is successful, clients can then determine if they want to purchase the technology or keep toll processing.   

The toll processing systems can assist customers with testing and developing new products in the lab. Virto/Elcan also provides cost-effective processing of low-volume or difficult-to-produce products. Virto and Minox technology can separate complex materials such as very fine powders, sticky products, and delicate agglomerates, and yield more than most conventional screeners with the ability of screening down to 10 micron.  

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