November 8, 2017

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High-Efficiency Vibrators for Spreaders, Pumpers, Mixer Trucks
Martin Engineering 12 VDC electric vibrator

These 12 VDC electric vibrators combine high performance with long-lasting reliability to improve material flow in specialized hauling and distribution vehicles. 

The Cougar MDC12-400/700 vibrators offer powerful bulk material movement for concrete pump trucks, salt/sand/gravel/fertilizer spreader trucks, and volumetric mixer trucks. Able to be retrofitted to most standard brackets, the high-efficiency design uses less current and runs at a lower temperature, while retaining the same power as comparable models. The result is longer equipment life with lower operating expense and maintenance costs by reducing material buildup, slow unloading, clogging, and bridging.

“Slow discharge or blockage occurs for several reasons -- humidity, material consistency, etc. -- but out in the field, the most aggravating reason is when vibration equipment fails,” said Allen Twidell, mobile market manager for vibration at Martin Engineering. “When that happens, everything stops and operators need to take steps to manually dislodge material using shovels or rods to poke at the clog, or mallets to bang on the side of equipment. These actions can result in equipment damage or sudden discharge, which can be dangerous. The extra time and labor also raises operating costs and reduces productivity.”

Powered by a high efficiency 12-volt DC motor with a maximum draw of 13 amps, the oversized permanent magnet design of the MDC12 vibrators reduces demand on the vehicle’s electrical system. Drip-impregnated armature windings carry the current, and sealed, oversized bearings eliminate lubrication requirements, keep contaminants out and ensure ongoing performance with minimal maintenance. A more sustainable operating temperature coupled with high-temperature Class F insulation puts less stress on internal components, leading to better efficiency and greater durability. 

Martin Engineering, Neponset, IL 309-852-2384

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