Bob Vila Shows How Paint is Made at a Sherwin-Williams Plant

Television personality Bob Vila takes a tour of a Sherwin-Williams facility to illustrate how paint is manufactured in this classic segment.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

February 17, 2021

The one-and-only Bob Vila takes viewers on a tour through a Sherwin-Williams manufacturing plant in Orlando, FL to see how paint is made. At the time the epsiode was taped, the facility was producing all paints sold under the Sears brand. 

A plant manager starts the tour of the facility in an area where raw materials are received and stored. Powder and bulk solids industry professionals should take note of the dry pigments used in the production process, including clay, silica, and titaniums. Viewers are shown equipment used to disperse dry pigments with water and chemicals that includes an overhead dust collector. The next scene takes us to an area of the facility that combines the dry ingredients with liquids. Perhaps one of the coolest parts of Bob Vila's tour was a stop in the plant's testing lab, where personnel examine products manufactured at the site to ensure they meet the customers' specifications. 

Check out this video to observe how this everyday product is made from powdered raw materials.

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