Smart Paddle Capacitive Sensor 8835

March 2, 2016

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Smart Paddle Capacitive Sensor
Rechner's new smart paddle capacitive sensor

The new smart paddle capacitive sensor keeps level control easy, and is safe for both the food and pharmaceutical industries. The housing material is tough, food contact safe liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Features include: safe for CIP/SIP high-temperature 121°C cleaning; high-pressure rating 10 bar or 145 psi; high-performance electrical protection (Quattro EMC Protect). It is easy to set up and designed to work with powders and bulk solids. With no moving parts, downtime due to false detections caused by product build-up, or material getting stuck between vibrating forks and rotary switches is eliminated.    
Rechner Electronics Industries Inc., Sanborn, NY 800-544-4106

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