ACC Announces North American Flame Retardant Alliance

April 1, 2011

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ACC Announces North American Flame Retardant Alliance

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has announced the formation of the North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA), which will be comprised of the world’s leading producers and users of a variety of flame retardants.

“With technological advances in construction, transportation and electrical and electronics industries evolving very rapidly, flame retardant technologies are becoming even more critical to allowing these products to meet fire safety standards,” said Robert Simon, vice president of the Chemical Products and Technology Division at ACC. “We look forward to working closely with the members to promote the unique benefits of sustainable and effective flame retardants.”

Membership is open to producers, distributors, and companies that use these substances in their own equipment or products. Current NAFRA members include Albemarle Corp., based in Baton Rouge, LA; Great Lakes Solutions, a Chemtura Business, based in West Lafayette, IN; and Israel Chemicals Ltd. - Industrial Products, based in Tel Aviv. Together, these three companies represent a broad range of flame retardant chemistries.

“NAFRA is dedicated to educating manufacturers and consumers on the use of these important products and working with policymakers to ensure that people in North America benefit from the highest standards of fire protection,” Simon said. “We welcome other companies that produce or use flame retardants to join our efforts in promoting and defending a broad-range of flame retardants.”

Flame retardants are chemicals that can be added to various materials used in products, such as plastics, foam, or wood, to reduce the likelihood of fire starting or to delay the spread of fire once it starts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, home fires continue to be a major problem causing billions of dollars in damage each year. Fires also disproportionately affect vulnerable populations, including children under 4, adults over 65 and lower income families.

The flame retardant industry, according to BCC Research, is currently a $4 billion-a-year global market and is important to the economy of a number of countries.

To strengthen product-specific advocacy and increase industry engagement, ACC’s board last year agreed to allow chemical manufacturers to participate in self-funded product groups without requiring them to join ACC.

ACC provides comprehensive issue management services including regulatory, legislative and marketplace advocacy, as well as research, legal, and communication services. ACC’s infrastructure and exceptional advocacy, combined with its technical expertise, offer groups the ability to focus on their core issues while leveraging the resources of ACC. This strengthens chemical specific groups and broader industry.

Information about fire safety and joining NAFRA is available on the NAFRA Web site, which can be found at

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