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Screening & Separation

  • New Magnetic Separators for Foodstuffs and Powders

    August 16, 2018

    Goudsmit Magnetics introduces a new generation of magnetic separators that are used to remove metal particles (>30 µm) from foodstuffs like coffee, cocoa, malt, rice, sugar, and flour, but also from other powder and bulk materials. The Easy Clean flow drawer magnet features user-friendly...

  • Testing Times for Bulk Food Metal Detector Checks

    July 24, 2018

    In order to check food inspection metal detectors are failsafe, manufacturers perform periodic tests, sometimes as often as hourly. Collecting repeatable and reliable metal detector test results on such a frequent basis manually can be labor intensive, time consuming, disruptive to production, and...

  • Bunting Introduces Improved Magnetic Pull Test Kit

    July 19, 2018

    Bunting Magnetics Co. introduces its newly designed pull test kit. All industries should utilize a pull test on their magnetic separators. But, with the attention on food safety being so high, it is required for food safety and quality in every facility that transports, processes, or packages food...

  • Dual-Drive Centrifugal Sifter Has Integral Feeder

    July 19, 2018

    The new model MOB-DD-SS dual-drive Centri-Sifter centrifugal sifter from Kason allows independent speed control of the feed screw and helical paddle assembly, allowing each to be adjusted separately according to characteristics of individual materials for maximizing feed control into the sifter and...

  • Two-Stage Plastic Pellet Classifier Has Removable Screening Deck

    July 16, 2018

    The two-stage Witte 700 Series classifiers automatically screen the plastic pellets through two consecutive screening decks, each perforated with holes based on the required pellet diameter. As pellets enter the infeed, the company’s proprietary vibratory technology spreads them into a single...

  • Elcan Introduces Hi-Sifter Powder Reclaiming System

    June 27, 2018

    Elcan Industries announce the addition of the hi-sifter powder reclaiming system to its sieving equipment line. Designed for the additive manufacturing industry, the hi-sifter reclaiming system is designed specifically for dense metal powders used in the 3D printing process. The system employs a...

  • Innovative Process Applications

  • High-Capacity Centrifugal Sifter Has Quick-Clean Cantilevered Shaft Design

    June 12, 2018

    Kason Corp. introduces a quick-clean Centri-Sifter centrifugal sifter with a cantilevered shaft that offers greater screening area and higher capacity than any single chamber model previously offered by the company. Designated the model XO-B, the sifter can scalp more than 100 tn/hr of dry or...

  • New Centrifugal Sifter for Inline Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    June 4, 2018

    Kemutec’s Kek K500CVL inline vacuum conveying centrifugal sifter is designed for pneumatic conveying systems. It is specifically configured to handle powders with no need to disentrain the conveying air before sifting takes place.   It features a cantilever shaft with no oversized...

  • Powder & Bulk Solids Releases Equipment Market Outlook

    May 31, 2018

    Manufacturing activity is expected to expand in the early 2020s in North America and several other regions. The food and beverage, chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, building materials, and automotive/aerospace industries are all predicted to post gains in the first half of...