Free eBook on Emerging Technologies Transforming Business and Society

June 30, 2014

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Free eBook on Emerging Technologies Transforming Business and Society

The CTO Forum, a premier organization for senior technology executives and business leaders, announces the release of a complimentary eBook titled Rethink Disruption on emerging technologies that are truly transforming business and society.

Rethink Disruption is an excellent resource for those eager to learn from world-class thought leaders how the established and growing enterprise can best adopt disruptive technologies to beat the cycles of decay, irrelevance and complacency and kick start new engines of growth. This publication comprehensively addresses key breakthroughs and paradigm shift technologies that are positioned to create significant impact and disruption in cognitive computing, material science, manufacturing, robotics, biotechnology, location based services, and semiconductor.

"There is no question about it - disruptive technologies cut both ways. They can propel their creators to the forefront of their markets and can quickly topple incumbents that don't expect them or see them coming," said Basheer Janjua, founder and president of the CTO Forum. "Rethink Disruption provides great guidance on how to identify new opportunities that arise from emerging technologies and their potential impact on business decision-making."

The eBook features world-class experts, innovators, and thought leaders such as Rodney Brooks of Rethink Robotics, Paul McEuen of Cornell University, Kerrie Holley of IBM, Andy Bechtolstein of Arista Networks, Stephan Biller of GE, and others. Readers will delve deeply into the breadth and scopes of opportunities presented by the breakthroughs in engineering, science and technology and learn how to understand the latest forces poised to transform existing markets.

Rethink Disruption is available now for free download.


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