Valves, Gates, & Airlocks Spotlight - February 2010

February 12, 2010

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Valves, Gates, & Airlocks Spotlight - February 2010


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Dust Collector Valve

The Platypus Vacu-Valve is an automatic dust-handling valve that requires no power supply, lubrication, or controls. Installed on dust collection systems operating under negative pressure, the open-construction Platypus Valve and the closed-construction Armadillo Valve offer worry-free, continuous discharge of free-flowing dust and granules at a fraction of the cost of the standard rotary airlock valves they replace. Typical industries that rely on Vacu-Valves include foundry, mining, cement, dry good, pharmaceutical, plastics, chemical, and manufacturing. Aerodyne, Cleveland, OH 800-358-7546


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Rotary Airlock Valve

The Model DRS-10 rotary airlock for pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling applications is available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models with square or round flanges. The valve handles pressure differentials up to 15 psi, can be constructed of cast iron or stainless steel, is available in sizes from 4 to 26 in., features a rugged heavy-duty housing, and has precision-machined internal surfaces that form an effective seal.  ACS Valves, Caledonia, ON, Canada 905-765-2004


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Mucon Iris  Diaphragm Valve

The Mucon iris diaphragm valve provides strong, gentle, and precise flow control of powder and granular materials. It is available in manual, pneumatic, and motorized operation, and the dust-tight design allows for infinite flow control from full bore to trickle feed. The valve comes in a variety of materials suited to any application and is easily cleaned with tool-free maintenance. Kemutec Powder Technologies, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013


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Low-Leakage Rotary Valves

Saving energy and market demands were the underlying factors for the development of low-leakage rotary valves for pneumatic conveying of granular products. A new rotor was developed with expanded end tips of the rotor blades that result in lower air leakage. This unique design is patented, and the number of rotor blades was increased. The new valves are available for various pressure applications for medium differential pressure of 22 psi, and in a high-pressure version for 50 psi. The valves are available for conveying capacities from 2 to 100 tn/hr. The housing is made in stainless steel or hard-coated aluminum, and the rotor is always made in stainless steel. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008


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Rotary Airlocks

Easy Clean rotary airlocks are used in applications requiring frequent cleaning of the valve internals. The rotor is easily removed without any hand tools, allowing the operator to remove it quickly. This unit also features scalloped rotor pockets, where the bottom of the pocket is smoothed out and eliminates any cracks or crevices for material to accumulate. The valve internals can be polished to whatever specification is required. Optional slide rails are also available. Carolina Conveying Inc., Canton, NC 828-235-1005


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Tapered Rotary Airlock

The Easi-Clean tapered rotary airlock is now offered with a slide rail system. With this design, the slide rail system will support the rotor and end cover upon removal, while incorporating the Easi-Clean system, which allows for rotor removal without disconnection of the drive. In addition, this rotary airlock contains the tapered rotor feature that allows for rotor clearance adjustment in the field to compensate for temperature, wear, or product variations. This rotary airlock would typically be used in food or sanitary applications, where the valve’s internals need to be cleaned on a regular basis. It can also be used in applications that require frequent product changeover. Bush & Wilton Inc., Charlotte, NC 704-573-6858


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Iris Valve Compact Handle

The Vortex Iris Valve features a compact handle to control, shutoff, or meter material flow of nonabrasive to moderately abrasive powder, granules, or pellets in small, compact areas for gravity flow applications. Ideal for IBC handling, it is also available with a quick-release coupling for the pharmaceutical industry. The patented valve design features several trigger lock positions, stainless-steel control ring, and stainless-steel compact handle for minimal clearance issues and to protect the operator’s hand. A form-fitted fabric sleeve provides a tight seal, product barrier, and unobstructed orifice, which is critical to maintain cleanliness and inhibit material leakage from the actuating parts across the valve or into the atmosphere. Vortex Valves North America, Salina, KS 785-825-7177


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Rotary Valve

The Blow-Thru (BT) Aerolock rotary valve is engineered for conveying hard-to-flow materials and efficiently cleaning out rotor pockets. This is accomplished by locating the unit’s inlet and outlet conveying ports in line with the material conveying line. As the rotor within the unit’s housing turns, the pockets are blown clean, feeding material into the conveying line. A second advantage to this configuration is the unit’s low profile. Minimal overhead elevation space is required for its use. The unit’s eight-blade rotor maintains a minimum two-blade labyrinth seal to minimize air leakage. It is available with relieved tips for materials that form “skins” or thin sheets on the end plates and housing, or nonrelieved tips for other larger-particulate products. K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611


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Double Flapgate Airlocks

These Double Flapgate airlock valves are engineered and manufactured for extreme operating environments or highly abrasive materials. The airlocks are specifically designed to control the rate of material flow through a system and at the same time prevent air leakage by isolating the processing system’s pressures. They can be designed to seal completely with pressure differentials up to 20 psi and are built for applications involving elevated temperatures, highly abrasive products, wide pressure differentials, irregularly shaped products, or oversized materials. Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc.,  Libertyville, IL  800-963-4458


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Slide Valve

Standard Britton Procol valves include manual pull and push valves for small bins or emergency gates, dust-tight valves with manual hand crank or pneumatic operators, and pressure and vacuum tight valves used for isolation. The valves are produced in mild steel, cast aluminum, and stainless steel to suit the application requirements. Standard or special, all valves provide efficiency and reliability under the most demanding operating conditions. SMS International Inc., Cortland, IL 800-296-1149


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Externally Adjustable Slide Gate

Traditional slide gates incorporate an internal perimeter seal arrangement. To access these seals the traditional gate required the equipment above the gate to be emptied then the gate was to be removed from operation for maintenance. The externally adjustable seal arrangement has eliminated the need for emptying equipment above the gate. The gate seals are accessible from the outside of the gate and are external to the product flow area. This arrangement significantly extends seal life. With ease in accessing the seals and the seals no longer in direct contact with product flow, maintenance time is minimized. Pebco, Paducah, KY 800-707-3226


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Gate Lock

The Gatelock assembly is a low-maintenance alternative to the traditional rotary airlock feeder and provides a positive seal that that can accommodate either full vacuum or pressure up to 100 psig. The air-operated seat inflates to provide a long-lasting high-integrity seal and easily handles high cycling of dry granular or fine powdered materials. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life considerably. The assembly is available in diameter sizes from 2 to 30 in. and in any length desired. Posi-flate, St. Paul, MN 651-484-5800


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Double Rotor Valve

The PMDS double rotor (self-cleaning) modular rotary valve is precisely engineered in the same manner as the company’s PMV modular rotary valve. The six vane closed-end rotor has rounded pockets for easy cleanout, plus a second rotor that is synchronized and gear-driven to scrape the primary rotor clean on each revolution. Like the PMV valve, the PMDS can be manufactured in standard (mild steel), severe-duty (500 brinnel alloy), or ultra valve (case-hardened) models. It can also be manufactured from stainless steel if required and is available in the same size range as the PMV rotary valve. Precision Machine & Manufacturing Inc.,  Eugene, OR 800-722-9841

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