Control Concepts Launches Re-Engineered Pneumatic Flow Aid System

Patented pneumatic flow aid system provides up to a 52% increase in performance compared to its predecessor.

Kevin Cronin, Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2024

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AirSweep MAX globally-patented pneumatic flow aid systemControl Concepts Inc.

Control Concepts Inc. introduces the AirSweep MAX, a globally-patented pneumatic flow aid system that eliminates bridging, ratholing, and build-up in bulk material handling equipment in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and mining, as well as current recycling streams.

“Our original AirSweep was already in a product class of its own,” said Eric Esselstyn, director of sales at Control Concepts. “When all else fails, like fluidizers and industrial vibrators, AirSweep could lift and sweep even the stickiest materials into the flow stream without damaging the vessel. It gives more power per pulse, more durability, lower energy costs, and the longest warranty in the industry.”

The new AirSweep MAX uses aerospace-grade design specs and has 20 patented improvements and six proprietary parts. The AirSweep MAX is available in the VA-51 model and is ideal for bins, silos, hoppers, chutes, mixers, and other material handling equipment. Its improved performance shortens equipment cleaning time, which reduces downtime and increases available production time.

Lab tests proved that AirSweep MAX delivers 52% more output pressure and 31% more air output than the original AirSweep. Results were obtained from comprehensive force and flow testing at 60 to 100 PSI, using industry-standard diaphragm valves. This means plants have the option to either increase the speed of material flow, or lower the operating pressure to get the same flow with less energy and plant air.

AirSweep MAX can also run at lower standard operating ranges of 60 to 80 PSI, making it more accessible to plants with air supply constraints.

Its stronger force and faster, more free-flowing air stream is a result of the proprietary redesign of the internals which maximize the flow of air from supply to discharge.

The AirSweep MAX can be assembled in minutes with no special tools and is ideal for field servicing and assembly. Maintenance is only required after one million cycles, and with a seven-year warranty, the AirSweep MAX helps ensure less downtime at the plant.

Control Concepts Inc., Brooklyn, CT 860-928-6551

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