Flex Tube Diverters Eliminate Cross-Contamination

June 17, 2014

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Flex Tube Diverters Eliminate Cross-Contamination
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Vortex Flex Tube Diverters eliminate material cross-contamination commonly found in the food, plastic, and chemical industries. They are ideal to divert, or converge, a wide range of dry materials, including sugar-based solids, in gravity or dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.

Flex Tube Diverters feature two or three ports that utilize a basic sliding orifice blade design. A tube stub is welded to an orifice-style blade, and a flexible hose is then attached to the tube stub. As the diverter blade is shifted, a flexible hose moves from one port to the other, allowing the convenience of continuous conveying. When one port is open, the other ports are sealed and eliminates any internal ledges or pockets where material can become lodged and remain trapped.

Flex Tube Diverters feature an enclosed stainless steel housing that provides support for the flexible tube and ensures material containment in vertical or horizontal applications.

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