DMN Rotary Airlocks: The Alternative Feeder

January 27, 2016

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DMN Rotary Airlocks: The Alternative Feeder

DMN rotary airlock valves efficiently meter or feed material while maintaining a constant pressure or vacuum differential between the inlet and outlet. Unlike the average feeder, DMN airlocks offer customized solutions for efficient material throughput and simplified maintenance. Our valves are also able to handle a variety of materials making them suitable for the chemical, food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.

One of the main advantages of using a DMN rotary airlock valve is its ability to isolate pressures and prevent air leakage from disrupting the flow of product. The valve’s 9-vane rotor and tight clearances ensure minimal air leakage. The option of vent ports allow any excess air to escape, resulting in a consistent flow of product from the inlet to the outlet. Our valves can also be equipped with a variable speed motor so that the rotor speed can be adjusted for more accurate fill efficiency.

Production downtime due to feeder maintenance can be costly. DMN rotary airlocks offer solutions to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. An easy detachable rotor or rail support system can be added to ensure quick and easy removal of rotor and end cover. Additional features such as RID Rotor Interference Detection is an option to monitor any contact between the rotor and valve body, thus alerting operators of flow interruption or potential valve damage.

Some feeders are limited on the type of material it can handle. DMN rotary airlocks are available with several rotor configurations to handle a variety of powders, granular materials, and products with unfavorable flow characteristics. A number of coating options can be applied prevent valve wear due to abrasive materials. DMN also supplies versions that are USDA accepted, FDA approved, and EHEDG certified for industries with strict hygienic requirements.

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