January 27, 2016

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DMN M-Series Valves Offer High Value Without Compromising Quality

The DMN M-Series valves are highly engineered rotary airlocks designed for medium duty applications in the bulk solids industry. The M-Series is an efficient alternative for processes where valves with outboard bearings would be over specified. The valves are suited for the conveying of powders or granular materials, and are ideal for vacuum conveying, bulk bag unloading, and cyclone applications. The M-Series valves are commonly used in the food, animal feed, and recycling industries, however some configurations are suitable for use in the plastics, petro-chemical, mineral, and power/biomass industries. High quality construction, cost-effective pricing, and customized solutions make the M-Series rotary airlocks far superior to anything else on the market.

The DMN M-Series is comprised of models MALD, MLD, and MUSD. The basic construction is the same for all three airlocks, with the exception of the bodies. The valve series provides exceptional value for your money due to the simplified construction and in-line direct drive. The valves are compact in design and robust in construction allowing them to handle a variety of product materials. The end covers have “sealed for life” inboard ball bearings. The shaft sealing is by means of multiple lipseals with the option of air purge to prevent product from leaking into the bearings. The standard rotor has eight fixed blades chamfered on three sides. Adjustable bladed rotor configurations are also available with a variety of bolt-on blades for specific applications. These extremely reliable, economical valves save costs by reducing downtime and are virtually maintenance-free.

The MALD airlock valve is suitable for many applications where a valve with outboard bearings would be redundant. The MALD utilizes the AL- valve body, which has two round flanges and is apt for handling a variety of powders. The MUSD is similar but has two square flanges.

The MLD airlock valve is designed for applications involving high filling efficiencies. It has one round flange and one square flange, both of which are one size larger than the MALD for the same rotor capacity. This means the valve has an oversized inlet in relation to the rotor volume, so that high filling efficiencies are reached with free flowing products.

The MALD and MLD models are offered in three materials of construction: cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. The cast iron valves are also available with nickel and chrome plating or tungsten coating for more abrasive products. The MALD and MLD are available in sizes 4” up to 16.” The MUSD is constructed in cast iron with sizes 8” to 12.” The standard models are pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar, and are suitable for handling product temperatures up to 150°F and pressures up to 1 bar. Versions conforming to ATEX 94/9/EC for explosion containment are also available.

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