Fully Enclosed In-Line Crushing Device

March 12, 2015

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Fully Enclosed In-Line Crushing Device

The Flow-Sentry is a fully enclosed crushing device that exercises a single set of rotating blades to impact and shatter at close range any large lumps or chunks of material as they travel through the machine’s impact area. Ideal for protecting pumps or preventing clogs in pressurized piping systems, the patented design of the Flow-Sentry allows the machine to be offered with most common flange styles, i.e. ANSI or DIN pipe flanges, sanitary ferrules, etc., with custom-fabricated shapes or with a short face-to-face 'wafer' design, for easy integration into existing installations. It can also be incorporated into the inlets or outlets of reactor vessels, storage silos, bulk bag unloaders, or other similar locations.
Atlantic Coast Crushers Inc., Kenilworth, NJ 908-259-9292 www.gocrushers.com

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