Screening, Classifying, & Separation Focus - October 2010

October 19, 2010

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Screening, Classifying, & Separation Focus - October 2010

105972.tifHigh-Capacity Screener
The line extension to the MEGATEX XD screener is a high-capacity screening solution designed to provide greater throughput and reliability than conventional screeners in a compact footprint. The unit provides increased capacity in a small area measuring 9 x 9 x 12 ft, continuous operations at high temperatures, and maximum screening efficiency. It covers 90 to 150 sq ft of screen area. Rotex Global LLC, Cincinnati, OH 800-453-2321


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Thin Stainless Steel Filter Screens
This company offers filters on .001-in.-thick stainless steel, with .002-in.-diam holes for volume production. Prototypes are available with even smaller hole sizes. Applications include particle separation, sugar filtration, and various other critical filter processes. The stainless steel screens offer enhanced strength and more uniform hole size compared to alternatives such as wire mesh, because they are photochemically etched from a solid piece of stainless steel. This improves their dimensional stability and reliability over extended periods of time and in demanding environments. Hutchinson Technology Inc., Hutchinson, MN  320-587-1900

105975.tifSanitary Screens
Several portable models of gyratory sanitary sieves, sifters, and screens range from lab to pilot and production (10- to 48-in. diam). Shown is a high-speed 3450 RPM 15-in. screen diam small production center discharge model RVM-15E with a removable feed hopper. This unit operates under 60 dBA and utilizes only two stainless steel contact parts, which are easily disassembled for autoclaving. Applications include wet and dry screening, powder separation, de-agglomeration, and bulk powder security screening. Vorti-Siv, Salem, OH 800-227-7487


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Cantilever Sifter
Now the largest cantilevered model sifter in the Kek range, the K1100C is capable of throughputs of up to 70 tn/hr. It features a fully cantilevered shaft that facilitates easy cleaning and a high standard in hygiene. The unit provides high-capacity sieving with the added benefits of easy access and rapid screen changes. This results in reduced downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Applications include classifying, policing, and de-dusting. Kemutec, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013

105977.tif Customized Trommels
Rotascreen trommels serve a limited range of applications that vibrating or oscillating screens can’t handle. They may be used in resource recovery to segregate solid waste in various forms including MSW (garbage), compost, incinerator ash, and construction debris, or in mining and aggregate operations for scrubbing rock and sand. Cost per ton-hour of capacity is high, compared with conventional screening machines. Screening drum diameters range from 4 to 10 ft, and lengths from 6 to 70 ft. Each Rotascreen is customized to its application, with a variety of options in construction and power transmission available. Triple/S Dynamics, Dallas, TX 800-527-2116


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Drawer Magnet
Engineered to remove medium and fine ferrous contaminants from dry, free-flowing products under gravity flow, this drawer magnet protects processing machinery and improves product purity. Multiple staggered rows provide maximum contact area for product flow. As product flows through the stainless steel housing, it cascades over the staggered rows of magnetic tubes. Ferrous contaminants are pulled to the surface of the magnets where they move to the underside of the tube to prevent wash-off. EZ-Clean and POW-R Clean options are available to simplify cleaning. Custom designs and engineering assistance are also available for more difficult applications. Puritan Magnetics Inc., Oxford, MI 248-628-3808

105981.tifExtremely Fine  Stainless Steel Screens
Fine MicroEtch screens from stainless steel are manufactured using photoetching technology. Photoetching enables designers to specify straight hole or tapered holes, which facilitates liquid filtration and back flow cleaning. Hole sizes range from .003 in. and up. Unlike stamping, photoetching yields a burr-free product resulting in cleaner, more efficient screens with greater material integrity. These screens feature a tighter tolerance on hole sizes and greater dimensional stability than woven wire mesh, making them ideal in applications requiring frequent cleaning or in devices with mechanical contact. Unlike woven wire mesh screens, the fixed photoetched openings will not change through use. Typical applications include particle separation and sizing. Tech-Etch Inc., Plymouth, MA 508-747-0300


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Drawer Magnet and Housings
DMU drawer magnet and housings remove small-to-medium-sized ferrous contaminants, such as wire, metal shavings, and metal, from dry powder or granular free-flowing product streams in gravity-fed vertical chutes. Two tiers of magnetic tubes ensure maximum magnetic filtration to protect processing equipment, such as milling, extruding, and mixing machinery, while ensuring high product quality standards. Magnetic Products Inc., Highland, MI 800-544-5930

u271e_105984.jpg Gravity Flow Sifters
The QA line of quality assurance gravity flow sifters operate with a horizontal gyratory sifting motion that provides precision separations. Since the sifters use multiple stacked sieves, large amounts of sifting surface can be obtained while using a minimum of floor space. Multiple separations can be achieved with the amount of sieve area for each separation accurately allocated according to product requirements. Features include: all stainless steel contact surfaces; simple, sanitary sieve frame construction; snap-on food grade neoprene gaskets; elimination of all fasteners in the product zone; elimination of traditional backwire; reliable pneumatic sieve compression system; easy access for inspection; cleaning and maintenance; and wrap around guards for unsurpassed personnel safety. Great Western Mfg. Company Inc., Leavenworth, KS  800-682-3121


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Centrifugal Sifter
Engineered to meet high-capacity sifting for bulk load-in/load out and larger process applications, the Rota-Sieve handles a wide variety of powder, granules, agglomerates, and other free-flowing materials. The combination of high-centrifugal force and blade spreading action reduces binding problems, even when handling materials that tend to flake or agglomerate due to fat and moisture content. The sifter may also remove foreign material, such as plastic and string. Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595

105988.tif  Grain Cleaners
These grain cleaners remove fines and oversized particles by means of precision screening and air aspiration. Whether it is for an independent processor or production-oriented grain elevator/terminal, the Super Cleaner or Continental Cleaner models offer a safe and efficient means of cleaning. Available in 30 standard models that can reach capacities of up to 10,000 bushels/hr, they can also be custom-engineered to meet production needs of up to 25,000 bushels/hr. S. Howes Inc., Silver Creek, NY 888-255-2611


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  High-Speed Metal Detectors
Phantom metal detectors are easy-to-use, ultra-sensitive high-speed systems. Equipped with powerful DSP technology, they provide fast, accurate detection of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals. Ideal for powder and bulk applications, Vector conveyors integrate with the metal detectors to provide a convenient and effective “all-in-one” detection solution. Conveyors are built to customers’ specifications with the benefit of being designed to realize the full potential of the detector, maximizing the accuracy of the overall system. Offered with a selection of reject mechanisms and a variety of advanced options, conveyors are custom-designed to meet specific application needs. Fortress Technology, Toronto, ON, Canada 888-220-8737

105987.tif Open-Base Separator
The MX is a new generation separator with design features to increase safety, provide a stronger construction, and allow for a more sanitary process. The totally enclosed weight guard prevents “reach-in” injuries, complying with CE Standards. Making use of the appropriate motor, the MX also complies with ATEX Standards. Angled support springs minimize aggressive vibration that typically occurs during shutdown of the machine. The extremely rugged construction of the MX utilizes conical construction rather than flat plates creating a more rigid geometric structure. The open-base construction allows for cleaning underneath the unit, preventing dirt and product build-up. Additionally, the MX base design eliminates all gussets and external crevices where product can become trapped while allowing for total external polishing of the machine. Sweco, Florence, KY 800-807-9326


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  Magnetic Drawer-in-Housing
The SimpleClean magnetic drawer-in-housing is easier to clean than traditional “manual clean” models. It incorporates a non-magnetic “dead-zone” at the end of the magnetic tubes, which sits well outside the product flow during operation and does not interfere with metal capture rates. This offers a distinct advantage versus traditional manual clean tubes: during cleaning, it allows the operator to take a gloved hand or shop rag and wipe any collected metal down to the dead-zone where it simply falls off as it becomes free of the magnetic field. The housing is available in 2- or 3-row configurations with standard inlet/outlet lengths and widths from 6-24 in. in 2-in. increments. Custom designed housings (round or rectangular) with custom transitions, food-grade finishes, and wear-resistant coatings are also available. Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, MI 800-662-4638

105990.tif Pneumatic Continuous-Cleaning Drawer Magnets
In the standard configuration, ferrous tramp is removed from the cartridges by sliding the trays out of the housing and wiping them off by hand. Self-cleaning HF drawer magnets are designed to fully extend the magnetic cartridges outside the housing. As these tube assemblies travel outside the housing, grommets wipe the tubes clean all the way to their nonmagnetic tapered ends. This ensures that each cartridge is fully wiped and prevents captured tramp iron from reentering the housings. Self-cleaning models are available in both manual and fully automatic pneumatic versions. Bunting Magnetics, Newton, KS 800-835-2526


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  Size/Density Separator
The Vibro-Air size/density separator employs vibratory screening to remove undersize particles and airflow to simultaneously remove low bulk density materials. It separates: fines and chaff from grain products; fines, angel hair, strands, and film scrap from plastic pellets/regrind; labels from recycled glass; fibers, saw dust, and wood flour from wood chips/shavings; and other undersize and low bulk density matter from on-size products. Incoming material cascades over internal trays onto fine mesh screen. On-size material exits through a discharge port at the screen’s periphery, while heavier fines and a portion of the lighter fines pass through the screen, onto a chute, and through a discharge spout. Air drawn into the base of the unit flows upward, drawing the balance of low-density fines, along with airborne dust, fibers, films, and strands, into an air stream that vents to an optional cyclone and/or dust collector. Optional coarse screening deck scalps oversize particles. Kason Corp., Millburn, NJ 973-467-8140

Twin Rotary Vibratory Feeders/Screens
The use of two vibratory motors to power this line of small- and large-capacity twin rotary vibratory feeders/screens assures economic and energy efficient operation for added reliability, gentler handling, and optimum flexibility. The screens are ideal for a variety of applications from food to sugar production, salt, chemicals, fertilizer, glass cullet, metal powders, soap/detergents, ceramics, and a variety of other materials. They are typically used when applications are beyond the scope of an electromagnetic drive and in particular when units require lengths in excess of 5 ft and widths greater than 18 in. Material is processed at speeds that vary from 50 to 3500 cu ft/hr. Gough Econ, Charlotte, NC 800-264-6844

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