Inline Gravity Flow Drawer Magnet Introduced

May 31, 2016

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Inline Gravity Flow Drawer Magnet Introduced
The patent-pending Hi-G inline gravity flow drawer magnet features a sanitary design.

Used to remove fine metal contaminants in vertical gravity product chutes and spouts, the patent-pending Hi-G inline gravity flow drawer magnet features a sanitary design. The magnetic tube locking system eliminates all locking fasteners and making this a true sanitary and “tool-less” design. Disassembly and assembly for processors who require regular wash-down sanitation is quick and easy, and the design eliminates the possibility of fasteners and parts being lost or accidentally dropped into the product flow area during cleaning, possibly causing damage to equipment downstream and contaminating product or injuring a consumer.

The inline gravity drawer offers standard 52 MGOE rare earth magnetic tubes for maximum performance. The “free-floating” magnet tube design, partnered with a robust tracking mechanism, makes opening and closing the drawer easy. The inline gravity drawer is available in standard single- and double-tiered staggered magnetic tubes, and custom multiple tier models are available upon request.

A food-grade silicone gasket offers a permanent seal that virtually eliminates the need to replace gaskets. The gasket is channel set -- no adhesive required -- so it may be removed and replaced for sanitary wash-down. This drawer also features a magnetic tube locking system that requires no tools to disassemble or reassemble them for inspection, and the patent-pending three-piece stripper assembly is fixed outside the product flow area so the possibility of tramp being reintroduced into the product flow while cleaning is eliminated. The primary stripper plate has a compliance fit for the easy removal of large metals while the secondary stripper has an interference fit, completely removing the small metal fines that can be left behind with some other designs. This design places all magnetic tubes through single stripper blocks, eliminating the cracks and crevices that cause unsanitary conditions in product flow. The stripper assemblies are strategically spaced apart from one another, providing a slight gap between strippers, allowing sanitary washdown without disassembly.

Another benefit is the sanitary design in the product contact areas of the unit. This product design also allows for easy removal for either maintenance and/or replacement of the strippers without the need for any tools due to the absence of fasteners.

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