May 3, 2017

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Gravity Flow Heavy-Duty Metal Detectors for Fine Powders
MT Safeline Gravity FlowHD metal detectors

Mettler Toledo Safeline Gravity FlowHD metal detection systems are designed for the inspection of free-falling products in vertical packaging applications. Models are available to inspect both dusty powdered products and granular products consisting of large particulates.

All systems are available in a range of internal tube diameter configurations from 50 to 400 mm. They feature detection sensitivity ranges designed to match individual application needs, and can detect steel contaminants measuring .3 to 1.0 mm; aluminum, brass, copper, and bronze contaminants .3 to 1.2 mm; and stainless steel contaminants .4 to 1.3 mm.

When contaminants are detected, a fully automatic high-speed reject device diverts the contaminated product and isolates it from the main product flow. It incorporates Mettler Toledo's SealTite design that reduces product waste, resulting in cost savings. The combination of highly sensitive detection capability and a swift and efficient rejection system results in compliance with both internal and external quality and food safety standards, while maintaining optimal operational efficiency and profitability.

These HD systems incorporate the company’s Zero Metal Free Zone (ZMFZ) technology that eliminates the need to allow space between the metal detector head and the metal components of the production line where it will be installed. This allows it to be placed, for example, in the confined space between the outlet of a multi-head weigher and the inlet to a vertical form-fill-seal (V/F/F/S) bag maker. This technology saves valuable production line space while adding superior detection capability to the line.

At the heart of the HD system is Safeline’s PowerPhase PRO electronics platform, which is available in either fixed or multi-frequency configurations. The advanced detection coil system and detector head geometry deliver high levels of sensitivity. Applications also include the inspection of snack foods, cereals, confectionery, individually quick frozen (IQF) products, and any products packed in a V/F/F/S bag-making operation.

In highly automated processes, there are few operators on the line and there is an increased risk that any malfunctions could go unreported for a considerable time, with the potential for an extremely costly outcome. Detectors in the Gravity Flow HD PowerPhase PRO group utilize the latest in communication technology that enables them to send alert e-mail or text messages to key personnel, assuring a prompt response to any such problem.

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