Eriez 5-Star Service Offers Maintenance and Upgrades for Suspended Electromagnets

June 19, 2012

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Eriez 5-Star Service Offers Maintenance and Upgrades for Suspended Electromagnets

Eriez 5-Star Service includes upgrades and maintenance for both manual and self-cleaning suspended electromagnets. “With maintenance and upgrades performed by Eriez’ 5-Star Service team, your Suspended Electromagnets will last longer and operate more efficiently and reliably,” says Jim Lasko, Eriez’ 5-Star Service Center manager.

The Eriez 5-Star Center is conveniently located at Eriez’ Wager Rd facility in Erie, PA. Eriez also has service technicians available for in-house repairs and routine maintenance checks.

“When sending equipment to our 5-Star Service Center is not a viable option, our team will come to you, even on short notice,” says Dave Hansen, Eriez’ customer service manager.

Portions of the Eriez 5-Star Service Suspended Electromagnets maintenance program include:

- Inspect box, core, and tanks

- Replace coils, oil, and faceplate

- New rectifiers, motors, and components

“Whether it’s an emergency system service call or a complete rebuild of a suspended magnet, our 5-Star Service team will do whatever it takes to have you quickly operating at original equipment standards,” says Lasko.

Eriez 5-Star Service utilizes original OEM parts and offers full “as new” warranties. In addition to suspended electromagnets, the 5-Star Service experts upgrade and maintain other Eriez equipment, including eddy currents, lift magnets (permanent and electromagnetic), wet drums, vibratory feeders, scrap drums and metal detectors.

For expedited service, Eriez stores several years of equipment records. Eriez’ 5-Star Service also offers customers Instruction and Operation Manuals (IOMs), parts lists and step-by-step troubleshooting procedures.

For an immediate estimate or more information on Eriez’ 5-Star Service, call the 24/7 5-Star Service hotline at 1-888-999-3743. A variety of Eriez 5-Star Service information and resources are located online at

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