Pneumatic Conveying for Bulk Solids Course Offered

February 21, 2012

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Pneumatic Conveying for Bulk Solids Course Offered

The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA) is offering “Pneumatic Conveying for Bulk Solids,” March 29-30, 2012, in New Brunswick, NJ.

This course is intended for professionals in the dry chemicals, cement, plastics, mining, food, and pharmaceuticals industries and others where the handling of dry powder or granular material is required. It will benefit: staff engineers involved in pneumatic conveying projects; industrial engineers required to evaluate cost-cutting; purchasing engineers working with vendors; operating or maintenance personnel responsible for plant equipment.

Pneumatic conveying has been a rapidly expanding area of materials handling because of its cleanliness, flexibility, and the rapid payout possible as it replaces an older method. However, little information on the subject is available to the staff engineer; little or no coverage is provided in undergraduate curricula. Hence, the need for a course of this kind, where principles and practices are discussed in an atmosphere emphasizing practical application.

This course will provide: a thorough review of all systems in use; practical exercises in system design and equipment application; analysis of the working principles, operation and maintenance of individual pieces of pneumatic conveying hardware; and a description and explanation of methods used to minimize particle degradation and erosion from abrasive materials.

The session on troubleshooting is designed to give operating personnel sufficient practical understanding of the operation of pneumatic conveying systems to make intelligent evaluations of their systems and to know what modifications can be made to improve operation at a minimum expense to the company.

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