CC-Link Network Supports Mantecorp's Pharmaceutical Plant

August 26, 2009

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CC-Link Network Supports Mantecorp's Pharmaceutical Plant

The Control and Communication Link (CC-Link) open Fieldbus network and Mitsubishi Electric controls now serve as the supervisory control and data acquisition system for the ultra modern 3.3 million-sq-ft Mantecorp pharmaceutical manufacturing and office facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The CC-Link open network enables communication and control of the pharmaceutical facility’s major systems, including air conditioning and refrigeration for both process and environmental control, energy management, filtration and water handling, steam and air handling, and sterilization of air for process areas.

The CC-Link communication network is also the pathway for system data to operator control panels and computer displays.

“The CC-Link open Fieldbus network provides a seamless high-speed flow of data for vital systems within this pharmaceutical facility,” said Charles Lukasik, director of the CC-Link Partner Association. “High-speed communication and precision control takes this facility to a new level of economic and environmental sustainability through the optimum utilization of air, water, heat, and power.”

The CC-Link network is also being used in Rio de Janeiro as a supervisory and control system for two 15-story apartment towers and for an environmental protection system at a lubricant manufacturing plant.

CC-Link is an open and independent Fieldbus network — a communication network linking sensors, drives, valves, actuators, switches, and other “field” devices to an automated control system. In recent years, CC-Link has become one of the world’s dominant open Fieldbus networks with hundreds of independent manufacturers having gone through the comprehensive process of certifying more than 1000 products for CC-Link compatibility. More than 6.5 million nodes have been installed worldwide. The global independent CC-Link Partner Association manages the certification process and the introduction of new technology such as CC-Link IE, the world’s first gigabit industrial Ethernet controller network.

Device and equipment manufacturers looking for more information on incorporating CC-Link compatibility and end users looking for a stable, high-speed, state-of-the-art communications network for their automated control systems should call 847-478-2341 or visit

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