Wet Agglomeration and Instant Mixing

April 29, 2008

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Wet Agglomeration and Instant Mixing

pb85503Bepex_175.jpgBy accurately introducing preblended powders and liquids into a specially designed mixing chamber, low- to medium-density agglomerates with good dispersion and solubility can be produced. The Turbulizer can be used for wet agglomeration to produce granules up to 3 mm in size. Features include a single rotor and helical paddles. Paddles have adjustable angles and housing clearance that provide maximum flexibility to control residence times and shear angle. Horizontal orientation increases retention time, which helps form larger and higher-density particles. Jacketed models provide excellent indirect heat transfer. Sanitary models are available.
Bepex International, Minneapolis, MN 612-331-4370 www.bepex.com

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