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February 21, 2007

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Particle Analysis

pbs0702p32a.jpgPC-Controlled Particle Size Analyzer
The Gradex 2000 is a PC-controlled device that fully automates the sieve analysis of dry granular materials. It frees up technicians to perform other work and provides analysis on a more frequent and timely basis, allowing for closer control of raw-material receipts, materials in process, and finished product. It can be used for processing dry granular materials such as chlorine, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and many other chemicals; for plastic pellets and resins; for stone, clay and glass; for processing minerals such as sand, limestone, and soda ash; and for processing food materials.
Rotex Inc., Cincinnati, OH 800-453-2321

pbs0702p32b.jpgSpinning Riffler
Designed for sampling dry materials, the SP-230 spinning riffler is quiet and safe. It virtually eliminates operator error and the bias associated with other types of sample-dividing equipment. Features include a custom-designed touch screen controller and display, few moving parts, an outer case for easy cleanup and maintenance; rotation speed between 0 and 20 rpm, variable feeder-vibration amplitude, a sleep mode to conserve power, and 16 glass sample vessels, each of which is approximately 60 ml in volume.
Gilson Co. Inc., Lewis Center, OH 740-548-7298

pbs0702p32c.jpgLaser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer
The Mastersizer 2000 uses laser diffraction technology to deliver reliable, reproducible particle size distribution data for emulsions, suspensions, and dry powders. Fully automated, the instrument is supplied with a range of sample dispersion units that are easy to install and enable rapid switching between different measurement modes. A comprehensive software package allows for the rapid development of standard operating procedures, ensuring global comparability of results within and between sites. Results presentation can be fully customized according to the requirements of the application. The unit meets the stringent requirements for operation in regulated environments.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Southborough, MA 508-480-0200

pbs0702p32d.jpgAerodynamic Particle Size Spectrometer
The Model 3321 Aerodynamic particle size spectrometer sizes particles from 0.5 to 20 µm using a sophisticated time-of-flight technique that measures aerodynamic diameter in real time with excellent size resolution. This technique can be used in place of time-consuming and labor-intensive cascade impactor measurements and does not depend on the sample’s refractive index. The instrument is simple to use, requires no external pumps or air supplies, and performs multiple tests, even when sample quantities are limited. Within seconds, it generates a complete high-resolution and extremely accurate characterization of the sample, including geometric size, aerodynamic size, surface area, volume, and mass particle size distributions.
TSI Inc., Shoreview, MN 800-874-2811

pbs0702p32e.jpgSmall-Volume Particle Size Analyzer Option
The MiniFlow accessory for the Partica LA-950 laser diffraction particle size analyzer is a small-volume circulation system that minimizes sample and dispersant volume requirements with the convenience of a fully automated circulation system. It features a variable 35- to 55-ml volume requirement, resistance to organic solvents, a built-in ultrasonic probe for dispersing highly agglomerated materials, an automatic fill pump with level sensors, an automatic drain system, and easy exchange with other dispersion systems. It is ideal for measuring precious samples or toxic or hazardous materials. It can also be used where the waste volume must be minimized, in pharmaceutical or food applications requiring organic solvent dispersants, or for analyzing oil dispersions for pigments, polymers, and resin products.
Horiba Instruments Inc., Irvine, CA 949-250-4811

pbs0702p32f.jpgParticle Size Analyzer
The Elzone II 5390 particle size analyzer determines the size, number, concentration, and mass of a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. Unlike other measurement techniques, the electrical sensing zone method can accurately size samples of varying optical properties, densities, colors, and shapes. The Elzone determines particle size in a range suitable for a wide variety of industrial, biological, and geological specimens down to 0.4 µm. Extensive statistical analysis features are included. In addition, optional Confirm 21 CFR Part 11 software assists with compliance to FDA regulations.
Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA 770-662-3688

pbs0702p33a.jpgUniversal Powder Tester
Comprehensive testing of consolidated, conditioned, and aerated or fluidized powders can indicate their suitability for specific processes. The FT4 powder tester forms a complete picture of powder behavior by using a patented, dynamic methodology, complemented by shear testing and the measurement of bulk properties. All tests are automated and fast, with a test program typically completed in about five minutes. The latest software ensures rapid interpretation and summary of measured data. In addition, data analysis can be performed outside the laboratory, if required.
Freeman Technology., Worcestershire, UK +44 1684 310860

pbs0702p33b.jpgLaser Particle Size Analyzer
The 1064LD laser particle size analyzer integrates wet and dry dispersion techniques in one instrument without the need for hardware changes. The user can switch between wet and dry software modes at the click of a mouse. The unit is fully ISO 13320 compliant, ensuring accurate and reproducible results for the life of the instrument. An optional video camera provides particle shape information along with particle size distribution data. All optical components are permanently fixed to a cast-iron baseplate to ensure the most accurate particle size data possible.
Cilas., Madison, WI 608-274-7719

pbs0702p33c.jpgParticle Counter and Sizer
The AccuSizer FX utilizes a single particle sizing technology that works at higher concentrations than typical particle counters and sizers. The monitor allows users to quickly identify and quantify small levels of aggregates a few standard deviations away from the mean.
Particle Sizing Systems., Port Richey, FL 727-846-0866

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