Bagging machine can produce up to 150 bags/min

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

December 2, 2022

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WeighPack has launched the VF 1200 continuous motion bagger.Image courtesy of WeighPack

WeighPack has launched the VF 1200 continuous motion bagger, its newest vertical form, fill, and seal machine for high-speed applications.

This bagging machine can produce up to 150 bags/min in varying sizes up to 16 in. in length. The VF 1200 can handle multiple package formats and produces a range of package sizes providing flexibility for both retail and club size packaging for industries ranging from snack foods and confectionery to frozen foods and baked goods.

This continuous motion bagger features vertical sealing bars that are continuously in motion, so the film does not need to stop to receive its vertical seal. This provides an advantage over vertical, form, fill, and seal machines with intermittent motion seal bars that only open and close in full sequence, resulting in lower production rates.

Engineered with an open-frame design for easy operator access, the VF 1200 features stainless steel construction, vacuum pull belts, second film roll support, film splice table, Omron motion controller and servos, a 15-in. color touchscreen and toolless removable vertical seal bar, horizontal jaws, and forming shoulder.

Options available include full sanitary washdown, bag gusset attachment, integrated printer, hole punch, and more.

WeighPack, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 514-422-0808

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