Bags, Bagging, & Packaging Spotlight - March 2010

February 25, 2010

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Bags, Bagging,  & Packaging Spotlight - March 2010


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Bulk Bag Filling Systems

USDA-accepted bulk bag filling systems are engineered, fabricated, and constructed to USDA-accepted guidelines to simplify integration and start-up of bulk bag filling systems into food processing and packaging operations. Features include: 32 Ra surface finishes to simplify cleaning; tool-less, demountable assemblies to speed inspection; 3-A compliant components to aid in sanitary standards conformance; HEPA air filtration for sanitary bag inflation; and a structural framework leak test system to facilitate cleanin- place procedures. The fillers also offer NTEP-certified weigh devices to ensure certified weight accuracy to ±.01%, to a 4500-lb bag weight. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220


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Sanitary Bulk Bag Filler

The Swing-Down bulk bag filler features all-stainless construction finished to sanitary standards and a fill head that lowers and pivots, stopping in a vertically oriented position that places the bag inlet spout inflatable connection, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within reach of an operator on the plant floor. The patented design increases the speed of connecting bulk bags, while eliminating the danger of stepping onto and over roller conveyors to access rear bag hooks and spout connection collars, and of standing on the conveyor with head and arms inserted beneath operational fill head components. Programmable controls raise and pivot the fill head back to horizontal, inflate the bag to remove creases, start the flow of material, and stop it once a preset weight has been gained.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426



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Bulk Bag Discharger with Delumper

This system safely discharges powders into a vibratory feeder system (not shown). A Sure-Seal pneumatic spout clamp system ensures dust-tight operation, while a Flo-Master massaging system and 16-in.-diam rotary delumper ensure positive material flow. Product contact surfaces are electro-polished Type 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning. This company specializes in custom-designed units to fit individual application requirements.
Material & Transfer Storage, Allegan, MI 800-836-7068



 Open-Mouth Bag Filler

The 4198 Weighmaster II open-mouth bag filler is engineered and constructed long life and reliability under the most severe operating conditions. It is designed to fill open-mouth bags, boxes, pails, small totes, or drums with dry, pelleted, flaked, granular, or powdered products such as spice blends, flours, salted meat cures, dairy powders, plastic resins, chemicals, tile grouts, livestock supplements, and similar materials. Filling rates up to five 50-lb weighments/min and accuracies of ±2/10 of a pound can be achieved depending upon product characteristics.
Chantland-MHS, Humboldt, IA 515-332-4045


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Electronic Air Pressure Valve Packer

The Model A1000 electronic air pressure packer utilizes a load cell and a user-friendly Model IDS440HS digital weigh indicator/ controller for bagging fine, medium, and course dry materials. This model offers production rates of more than 4–8 bags/ min with weight accuracy of ±3 to 5 oz, at proper fluidization and uniform control of head pressure. It features heavy-duty construction with simple operation; has a full bottom chamber cover for easy clean out; dual filling speeds (bulk and dribble); a dust collection connection; and is coupled with a quiet low-pressure blower. The A1000 provides accurate weighing to eliminate give-away, lowers maintenance costs, and increases production.
VIC Systems International Inc., Shawnee Mission, KS 800-255-0445


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Bag Breaker

The BagBuster bag breaker is a compact system for manually opening bags in an efficient and clean manner. The system includes a self-contained exhauster, cartridge dust filter, and process hopper. A downdraft design is utilized to pull any dust-laden air generated during bag breaking away from the operator. The dust is then separated by the filter and dropped back into a process hopper, ensuring all material is used. The system pays for itself by lowering production costs and improving product yield. It can be combined with the Cruncher bag compactor to provide a simple and efficient method of reducing bulky, dusty, and discarded bags into a high-density bundle that can be easily handled and disposed of without the mess and dust normally associated with a manual bag breaking operation.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN  651-484-2900


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Bag Sealer

The Clean-Pak II ultrasonic sealer for valve bag packers controls and contains dust throughout the entire packaging process. It uses ultrasonic energy to displace product from the seal area and weld the sealable sleeve. The unit is easily adapted to the company’s Force Flow (air) and Jet Flow (impeller) packers. All bags are sealed in the same position they are filled. The design utilizes an inflatable filling tube collar and swirl airblast tube clean-out, in addition to an ultrasonic sealer. A positive closure is obtained even through heavily contaminated valves. To fill and close bags cleanly, dust collection is active throughout the entire cycle. Accuracy is enhanced because the bag is fully closed prior to discharge to conveyor, resulting in no product spillage.
Stonepak, Salt Lake City, UT 801-595-6800


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Valve Bag

The Airstream bag features a combination of fast filling speed thanks to efficient de-aeration, effective product protection against humidity, and ideal bag dimensions for cost-efficient palletizing. The valve bag is tailored to fine powder-filling requirements and high-end filling lines. A de-aeration system improves the air-permeability without affecting the moisture protection function. The air used for filling the powdery product is channeled and forms a stream of air that is directed and effectively guided to a highcapacity outlet in the form of a specially designed interrupted longitudinal seam. The air escapes quickly and therefore accelerates the filling process, meaning the faster the de-aeration, the more bags can be filled.
Mondi Packaging Div. Bag GmbH, Vienna, Austria  +43 1 130 790


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Bulk Bag Loaders

BEST bulk bag loaders feature state-of-the-art technology in weighing and loading systems. The simple-to-operate Model BBL loader fills bulk bags, bulk boxes, and fiber drums. Standard features include: pneumatic- actuated, pillow-block-mounted, pivoting bag support arms; natural gum-rubber inflatable fill head; control panel; and dust-collection outlet port with cartridge. Many options are available.
Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237



 High-Speed Palletizer

This high-speed palletizer with low-level construction gives packagers the convenience and economy of floor-level operation. The automatic grouping module allows layer transfer during product accumulation, effectively staging and stacking layers every 15 seconds (4 layers per minute). This palletizer runs cases, trays, totes, bags, or bundles and can accept product from low-level or high-level infeed, allowing easy installation in existing line layouts. Its compact footprint and modular design provide reduced installation costs. The low-level design ensures easy access to operating parts and eliminates the need for costly catwalks, platforms, and overhead conveyors.
A-B-C Machine Packaging Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975

u1208_83072.jpgPalletizer Accessory

High-speed upright or robotic palletizers equipped with Key Tech Corp.’s stabilizing accessory have seen increases in uptime resulting from increased load stability. This process is particularly effective for small plastic or paper bags or boxes. The accessory applies a small amount of low-tack adhesive, similar to that used on sticky notes, that maintains stability but separates easily without any residue. Full loads may be safely moved to stretch wrappers, however many users have either eliminated wrap or reduced gauge as a result of the increased load stability. The product known as Lock n’Pop is available in a number of water-based formulations, each designed for the specific container and environment. Improved formulations have been developed for refrigerated or frozen materials or for use in dusty environments, including flour and cement mills. The equipment operates on plant air and is essentially maintenance free.
Lock n’Pop, Everett, WA 800-225-5539

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