Bags, Bagging, & Packaging Spotlight - July 2010

July 14, 2010

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Bags, Bagging, & Packaging Spotlight - July 2010

95520.tifAutomatic Counter Bagger/Robotic Palletizer
The Automatic Counter Bagger (ACB)/robotic palletizer counts, bags, and palletizes can ends. Key benefits of the unit are: a modular design that is easily configurable to suit different layouts; counts and bags ends from 200 to 401 diam; bags stick lengths from 26 to 50 in. long; can work with aluminum and steel ends; can be configured for manual palletizing or fully automated robotic palletizing; processes up to 6 bags/min; capable of running glued or unglued bags; multiple pallet configurations selectable from HMI screen; and servo belt driven actuators used for stick transfers. FleetwoodGoldcoWyard Inc., Romeoville, IL 630-759-6800


Bulk Bag & Drum Filling System
The Material Master Powerfill offers patented technology including a horizontal pivoting and rotating bag fill carriage for rapid and “reach-free” operator connection of bag loops and the bag fill spout. The pallet dispenser automatically dispenses two-way, four-way, or nestable OSB pallets into the filling system. After operator bag connection, the bulk bag is automatically inflated, filled by weight to a programmed set point, and densified with the push of a button. Once the fill cycle is complete, the bag inlet spout and straps automatically release, the fill head raises, and the filled bag is automatically discharged via a three-zone powered accumulating conveyor. Material Transfer & Storage, Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

95522.tifBulk Bag Filler
The Model BFB basic bulk bag filler performs low-capacity filling operations at minimal cost. A patented Twin-Centerpost design offers the structural integrity of four-post fillers but at lower material and fabrication costs, and with easier access to bag spout and loops. Standard features include: fill head height adjustment via fork truck; inflatable cuff that seals the bag inlet spout; and feed chute vent port for dust-free air displacement. Optional features include: inflator that expands bag prior to filling; programmable scale system for automated filling by weight; and mechanical or pneumatic conveyor system integrated with upstream process equipment or bulk storage vessels. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA  888-353-9426


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Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine
The V2200 heavy-duty vertical form-fill-seal machine can handle any product requiring laminate film structures (supported) and, polyethylene films (unsupported), including blended spices and seasonings, blended flour products, coffee, snack foods, candy, and chemicals. Standard features include: up to 75 bags/min; forms and fills 0.5-oz to 15-lb packages; package sizes from 2½ x 3 to 12 x 20 in.; no tool size change-over and positioning; common, off-the-shelf components; PLC control stores 100 routines with 6-in. touch screen. Taylor Products, Parsons, KS 888-882-9567

95524.tifAir Pressure Valve Packer
The Model A1000 electronic air pressure packer utilizes a load cell and a user-friendly Model IDS440HS digital weigh indicator/controller for bagging fine, medium, and coarse dry materials. This model offers production rates of 4 to 8+ bags/min with weight accuracy of +/- 3 to 5 oz (2 sigma), at proper fluidization and uniform control of head pressure. The unit features heavy-duty construction with simple operation, has a full bottom chamber cover for easy clean out, dual filling speeds (bulk & dribble), a dust collection connection, and is coupled with a quiet low pressure blower. The A1000 provides accurate weighing to eliminate give-away. VIC Systems International Inc., Shawnee Mission, KS 800-255-0445


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Bag Breaker
The BagBuster bag breaker is a compact system for manually opening bags in an efficient and clean manner. The system includes a self-contained exhauster, cartridge dust filter, and process hopper. A downdraft design is utilized to pull any dust-laden air generated during bag breaking away from the operator. The dust is then separated by the filter and dropped back into a process hopper, assuring all material is used. The system lowers production costs and improves product yield. It can be combined with the Cruncher bag compactor to provide a simple and efficient method of reducing bulky, dusty, and discarded bags into a high-density bundle that can be easily handled and disposed of without the mess and dust normally associated with a manual bag breaking operation. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900

95527.tifBag Placer
The PTH-900 Series bag placer is designed to bag powder and granular products into gusseted and pillow type bags. It is a truly modular approach, from semi-automatic to fully automatic with basically the same footprint. It can handle paper and laminated poly-woven bags at up to 20 bags/min. The machine can be upgraded to a fully automated bagger that reforms the bag, removes it from the spout, and carries it into the closing system. Premier Tech Systems, Rivière-du-Loup, QC Canada 418-867-8883


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Bulk Bag Unloaders
BEST bulk bag unloaders provide dust-free product discharge from bulk bags. They are expandable and flexible to meet discharging and bulk bag requirements and are available in three models: Model BDS bag-dump station with air-vibrator-shaker grate; the economical Model MTU with 2500 to 4000-lb capacity; and the heavy-duty Model BBU unloader with vibratory-motor agitation. Many options are available. All units can be loaded with fork trucks, company cranes, or by hand. All standard unloaders incorporate a neoprene facial seal with 17-in.-diam discharge outlet for a dust-tight operation. Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

95529.tifBulk Bag Filler with Load Cells
Precise and efficient weighing is achieved through a programmable logic controller (PLC). The PLC is designed specifically to meet unique processes, which can include varying batches and multiple feeders. Complex processes are streamlined with pre-programmed routines, reducing operator time and risk of error in calculating batch needs. The filler is efficient for storing or incorporating material into an operation. Load cells mount onto the frame for weighing accuracy. Performance enhancement options include an adjustable frame, inflation/deaeration systems, and a hang weigh system for an alternative method of batch weighing. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260


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Bag Dump Stations
Two bag dump station models are offered for a clean, economical, dust-controlled environment. Both models enable users to break bags of powdered materials into downstream equipment for further processing while containing dust through a twin cartridge jet-pulse filter-cleaning system. Model #12 is available as a totally self-contained bag dump or can be supplied along with a screw conveyor, of various capacities and lengths. Model #19 is designed to fit existing 5½-cu-ft screw conveyor hoppers, or will fit on most mixer models as an economical dump station. Both model bag dump stations can be supplied in mild or stainless steel, with various finishes available. Each model is equipped with a 1½-HP blower motor as well as a NEMA 12 control package. S. Howes, Silver Creek, NY 716-934-2611

95531.tifBag Sealer
As an entry level machine, the B-550 is available in a full range of styles and options that allow the user to configure it to meet specific requirements. It is available in both vertical and horizontal versions and in two feed directions. The technology features a wide selection of standard options including emboss or ink coders, integrated conveyors, bag-top trimmers, bag counters, and stainless steel construction. The unit’s fast and reliable heat sealing make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Bosch Packaging Technology Inc.,  New Richmond, WI 715-243-2503


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Automatic Bagging System
Continua is a fully automatic bagging system that forms, fills, and seals bags made from a reel of tubular thermoplastic material. The use of tubular plastic instead of readymade bags offers an economic advantage for the customer, since it reduces manpower requirements and ensures continuous plant use. Moreover, the tubular plastic costs less than readymade bags, so that the purchase cost of the machinery is recovered in just a short time. Concetti S.p.A., Bastia Umbra (Perugia) Italy +39 075 801.561

95533.tifBulk Bag Discharging Systems
Designed and built specifically for food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging operations, these bulk bag discharging systems help ensure compliance with domestic and international sanitary standards. Application-specific construction, including 304-2b stainless steel framework, with continuous weld seams ground to a No. 4 finish, enables CIP sanitizing. Tool-less component disassembly speeds cleaning and simplifies inspection. The 32 Ra component surface finishes and food-grade non-metal components provide excellent material release and resistance to corrosive foods, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning chemicals. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220


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Semi-Automatic Bag Palletizer
The Model 72SA semi-automatic bag palletizer improves the efficiency and ergonomics of hand palletizing heavy bagged products. With a sturdy compact design, the unit automatically lifts, positions, and loads bagged product from a low-level orientation table onto an awaiting pallet. This automation of bag palletizing can increase the efficiency of production while reducing the repetitive lifting motion associated with back injuries and resulting in higher insurance premiums. Bags are easily oriented upon soft touch ball bearing rollers by an operator. The operator slides the properly positioned bags over a low-friction roller transfer table to create complete layers. Once a layer is completed, the operator simply presses a push button control to activate the machine. The layer is automatically lifted and deposited squarely upon the previous pallet layer and the transfer table returns to its original position for the next load. A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975

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