B.A.G. Corp. Celebrating 40th Anniversary

May 21, 2009

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B.A.G. Corp. Celebrating 40th Anniversary

B.A.G. Corp. is celebrating its 40th anniversary by launching a new Website at www.bagcorp.com that provides one of the most advanced, comprehensive FIBC resources currently available online. B.A.G. School is now expanding to this online resource base. The classroom seminar is offered at a customer’s location as well as in El Paso, Texas with a tour of the company’s Mexico FIBC manufacturing facility.

As a pioneer in the FIBC industry and a founding member of the FIBC Association in the U.S., B.A.G. Corp. is recognized worldwide as an FIBC leader and innovator. The company has been awarded numerous U.S. and international patents for the design and construction of FIBCs that are considered the standard in the industry, including the internationally recognized Super Sack brand container. The company’s expertise helps customers get the most out of bulk bag expenditures from processing and packaging operations, to offering on-site review, specification development, troubleshooting, and audit and evaluation of a customer-specific FIBC.

B.A.G. Corp. was founded in 1969 when the only way to load product into a crop duster was to manually fill it with 50-lb bags, which proved to be slow and inefficient. In contrast, the efficient FIBC loaded product in minutes with minimal product loss. Based on that success, the FIBC concept quickly spread into a wide variety of industries. The first FIBCs were manufactured with a PVC fabric, but soon woven polypropylene replaced it as the most common fabric.

In the mid-1970s, B.A.G. Corp. developed many of the alternate materials and designs still in use today, including the Barrel Bag for small product batches. In the 1980s, FIBC usage increased and B.A.G. Corp. patented and expanded worldwide use of the baffled MaxSack, the Hardwall, the Waste-Away hazmat, and static-controlled containers. In response to a need to educate the industry about FIBC usage, B.A.G. School was established in the 1990s as a classroom FIBC training seminar designed to empower users of all levels.

Vertical integration started with the purchase of Winzen Film Inc., which continues to manufacture webbing, thread, tapes, and liners for Super Sack containers. To reduce container cost and environmental impact, FIBC Recycling Inc. was established to offer a closed-loop repair and reconditioning service providing a safe, clean bulk bag ready for reuse and disposal programs. The new millennium saw B.A.G. Corp. enter the international market, allowing multinational customers a high-quality single source for bulk packaging with production capacity that includes global manufacturing and warehousing. The company’s international scope not only expands its reach, but extends its tough specification and performance standards.

For more information, visit www.bagcorp.com.

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