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Tyson Foods Goes on Offense Against COVID-19

Tyson Foods has spent more than half a billion dollars on equipment, additional staff, testing, technology, bonuses, benefits.

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

December 7, 2020

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Tyson Foods Inc. is preparing to fight new waves of the coronavirus as it takes comprehensive protective steps, including the strategic testing of workers without symptoms. 

The company has invested $540 million to transform its US facilities with protective measures, from walk-through temperature scanners and workstation dividers to social distance monitors and always-on testing, as well as provide additional team member pay and benefits. Tyson is also working with outside health experts, expanding its health services staff, adding a chief medical officer position, and plans to pilot health clinics for team members and their families early next year.

“We’ve learned a great deal during the pandemic and are implementing measures such as a new COVID-19 testing strategy, which are enabling us to move from defense to offense in our efforts to actively search for and fight the virus,” said Johanna Söderström, executive vice president & chief human resources officer for Tyson Foods. 

Tyson Foods is using testing as a tool and estimates more than half of its workforce has been tested for COVID-19. The company is currently testing thousands of workers per week as part of its monitoring strategy. In addition to testing those with symptoms or who have been in close contact with someone who has the virus, the company is also proactively seeking to find the virus by testing workers who have no symptoms.

“The new monitoring program we helped Tyson create is a science-first approach that’s really on the cutting edge of how workplaces can best mitigate the risk of the virus,” said Dr. Daniel Castillo, chief medical officer for Matrix Medical Network. “You’ll likely see many others adopt a similar approach in the coming months because it’s a process that looks both at people showing symptoms as well as those who do not.”

Tyson also had been working with Matrix Medical and leading infectious disease researchers to learn more about the virus and strategies that could be effective against it. The company has in place a sophisticated data analysis system that constantly monitors a range of national and local data sources to help predict future viral spread.  

The company also has made a number of modifications in its operations to protect workers, including: 

* Installing HEPA high-performance air filtration systems in some plant breakrooms to help reduce the reduce the risk of transmission
* Conducting continuous, daily cleaning at all facilities, and in some plants, doing a nightly sanitizer fogging of high traffic areas such as break rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria, and locker rooms
* Installing more than 150 infrared temperature scanners in company facilities
* Designating 150 social distancing monitors in company facilities to ensure company-provided daily personal protective equipment is properly worn and team members are following other best practices

Investing in Team Member Health

Tyson has hired an additional 200 nurses and administrative staff this year, which means the company now has almost 600 medical professionals on staff. These medical professionals screen for symptoms, conduct testing, and track cases to help and care for team members if they become ill. Long-term they will provide support for the company’s overall team member health and wellness efforts. 

In addition, the company has announced plans to open pilot health clinics to give team members and their families easier access to high-quality healthcare and, in most cases, at no cost.

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