February 27, 2008

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Mixing & Blending Focus - March 08

Colorant and Drying Batch Mixer
This rugged carbon-steel industrial mixer features bolted-arm, field-adjustable paddle blades with a high-yield colorant and drying system. A powerful 17,000-Btu forced-air, thermostatically controlled, washdown-rated, and corrosion-resistant heater with a high-intensity 10-hp blower dries material within 5 minutes of the batch cycle. The colorant application includes a dual color-metering system that consists of two SP-15 peristaltic pumps with 300-gal/hr maximum capacity. Also included are hosing and suction wands for drum extraction and adapters for tote pumping. The system is powered by a 1½-hp 460-V TEFC gear motor with dual-output shafts. An automatic control system coordinates the color pump timer cycle by batch.
Marion Mixers, Marion, IA 800-397-6371 www.marionmixers.com

Sanitary Rotary Batch Mixer
Munson’s 700-TH-40-SS sanitary rotary batch mixer gently blends batches of ingredients down to one part per million with 100% uniformity in less than 3 minutes. The mixer evacuates 100% of the batch and sanitizes rapidly without the need for tools. It has a usable capacity of 40 cu ft (1.132 m3) and blends 100% of rated capacity as effectively as it blends 5% of rated capacity. Intended for 3-A, USDA, and contamination-sensitive industrial applications or for applications with frequent product changeovers, the mixer features stainless contact surfaces, continuous polished welds, external removable seals, and a clean-in-place vessel cleaning nozzle. It is equipped with a spray line for liquid additions.
Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, NY 800-944-6644 www.munsonmachinery.com

IBC Column Blender
Designed to receive, lock, lift, and blend IBCs, the column blender homogeneously blends multiple ingredients without having to transfer material to and from other machines, eliminating the danger of segregation and cross-contamination. The design allows one system to handle a variety of IBC sizes. This line of equipment is completely electronic, making it more reliable and trouble-free than conventional hydraulic or pneumatically powered units. All lifting is accomplished via a ball screw jack, resulting in inherently safe and accurate operation. The blender does not leak, operates without motion creep, and requires less maintenance than comparable systems.
Industrial Equipment & Design Co., Turnersville, NJ 856-728-6400 www.iedco.com

Dosing and Blending System
With the GraviPlus continuous loss-in-weight dosing and blending system, color and additives can be metered down to the lowest tolerance level without affecting end-product quality. The system uses minimal amounts of color or additives, reducing overall production costs. The unit has a modular design and feeding components that provide flexibility and versatility for changes in process requirements. Its dust-tight stainless-steel construction allows materials to flow freely without contamination risk. Pellets, micropellets, powders, liquids, and regrind are all easily and accurately dosed. Twin-screw feeders and special agitators are also available for difficult and non-free-flowing materials. Self-calibration eliminates the need for manual weight samples or calibrations.
Colortronic North America Inc., Flint, MI 810-720-7300 www.colortronicna.com

Fluidized Zone Mixer
The Bella fluidized zone mixer typically mixes dry bulk solids in 60 seconds or less, regardless of particle size, shape, or density. A weightless zone created by low-speed counter-rotating shafts achieves homogeneous mixing with low friction, making it ideal for abrasive or fragile materials that cannot tolerate rough handling. Even flakes or spray-dried materials remain intact. Options include liquid addition, lump breaking, quick-opening access doors, portability, and fixed or removable paddles. Custom sizes, finishes, and construction materials are available on request.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

Sanitary Mixers
Compact and powerful sanitary mixers are available with options to suit any food, cosmetic, biotech, or pharmaceutical application. The Series ES is designed to meet budget-constrained projects that require sanitary features such as all-stainless-steel construction, a range of high-polish finishes with continuous welds that are radiused and ground to finish, and ribbon or paddle agitators with flanged journals for easy removal and cleaning. Equipped with similar features, the Sanimix series has more generously formed radius corners and inverted bearing mounts, offering superior bearing protection while improving water-shedding capability.
S. Howes Inc., Silver Creek, NY 888-255-2611 www.showes.com

Powder Induction System
The Fastfeed powder induction system performs consistent powder delivery even as viscosity and solids levels increase, ensuring that the system will never plug or foul. A skid-mounted dispersion system that feeds powders and disperses them instantly, the system can deliver powder inline at controlled feed rates from 3 to 200 lb/min. The system allows processors to add dry ingredients to mix vessels in an ergonomic fashion, reducing operator injuries, providing the shear required for tough ingredients, and ensuring maximum yields.
Admix Inc., Manchester, NH 800-466-2369 www.admix.com

Mixing Systems and Parts
A company offers OEM spare parts, new machines, and qualified service. The company’s mixers can improve product quality and production rates on processes such as PVC compounding, master batching, powder coating, wood composite fabrication, and other dispersion or agglomeration processes.
Reimelt Henschel Mixing Systems, Odessa, FL 813-920-7434 www.henschel-mixers.com

Double Planetary Mixer
A double planetary mixer has a unique design in which the mix can is raised to a fixed drive assembly. The mix can is normally positioned on the floor, and the drives are raised and lowered via a hydraulic lift. The new design allows the addition of fixed and rigid connections for liquid, dry powder, and other service connections into the hood. The connections do not need to be disconnected between batches. The unit shown also includes several added features such as a clean-in-place system, stainless-steel internal surfaces, a flush-type discharge valve, a jacket to heat or cool the batch, and a sanitary finish on all stainless surfaces. Additional options such as charging and sight ports, variable-speed drives, and computerized control packages are available. The mixer is offered in sizes up to 750-gal capacity.
Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677 www.mixers.com

Horizontal Mixer
The horizontal Ploughshare mixer is easy to clean. The full-access door across the front of the mixer provides excellent access for performing frequent cleaning operations. The system’s new easy-clean design is available on batch or continuous mixers. It provides a benefit to manufacturers that are concerned with cross-contamination from batch to batch from allergens, flavors, colors, and formula changes.
Littleford Day Inc., Florence, KY 800-365-8555 www.littleford.com

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