Customized Food-Grade Batch Drum Mixers/Blenders

June 10, 2014

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Customized Food-Grade Batch Drum Mixers/Blenders
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Miracle Mixer offers completely customized food-grade batch mixers, capable of handling a wide range of materials to fit any need. A custom industrial food blender mixes ingredients to a 98 percent mixability ratio and a 100 percent micro mixing accuracy. These mixers offer a wide versatility of mixing operations within one unit, regardless of weight and density of ingredients. The internal tumble system is designed with a simple, effective straight bar paddle system with speed variance and no sheer points, to ensure quick and cost-effective mixing time - up to 10 times faster than conventional ribbon mixers - with particle reduction or zero damage to materials. Food-grade mixers offer Teflon coating and stainless steel materials, resulting in an easy, 100 percent cleanout.
Tumble Drum Industries, Denver, IA 319-984-5374

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