December 4, 2007

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Safeline's Mobile Training Bus Offers State-of-the-Art Metal Detection and X-ray Equipment

Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc., a leader in metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment, introduces its Mobile Training Platform – a customized motor coach with a variety of metal detectors and x-ray inspection equipment that travels throughout the U.S. year-round visiting food and pharmaceutical processing plants. With this convenient training opportunity, the mobile training platform enables processors and packagers to easily gain hands-on experience with the latest in product inspection technology for their plants. 

Onboard the bus, there are two x-ray inspection units and four metal detectors. The new AdvanChek is a powerful x-ray inspection unit that detects multiple contaminants such as metal, stone, bone, glass, and dense plastics. The PowerChekPlus x-ray inspection unit detects and rejects many contaminants, as well as scans for missing or broken product, detects package voids, and confirms fill levels to guarantee product and package integrity. Both systems utilize low-energy x-ray technology that features sensitivity and simplicity.

The metal detectors on board include two conveyorized units of differing frequencies that detect and eliminate metal contamination in a wide variety of packaged and loose products. The new PowerPhasePRO metal detector offers three frequency operation, one-pass automatic set-up and a touch-screen interface. The PowerPhasePLUS, an ultra-high-frequency metal detector, is able to operate in excess of 800kHz and offers increased sensitivity, particularly to non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants. 

The Pipeline metal detector, designed for slurries, pumped liquids and semi-solids, is constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel and rated to NEMA 4X standards to stand up to extreme processing and washdown environments.

The pharmaceutical Tablex metal detector for inspection of tablets and capsules zeros in on tramp metal from broken screens, sieves, worn punches, dies, or bulk raw materials and automatically rejects the contaminated pharmaceutical tablets and capsules.

In addition to a comprehensive training program, the mobile training platform offers interactive machine and product testing demonstrations. Visit for details about when the bus will be in a city near you.

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