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April 12, 2011

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Mechanical Conveying

u3203_132809.jpgHorizontal Motion Conveyor
Horizon is a new horizontal motion conveyor that features a maintenance-free mechanical drive. Offering gentle, quiet, and sanitary horizontal motion conveying, Horizon is ideal for many fragile, seasoned, coated, and frozen food products. Its drive is powerful and efficient, capable of moving product at speeds up to 42 ft/min on a single continuous conveyor up to 100 ft long. The Horizon was designed with a mechanical drive that maximizes reliability and offers long equipment life. The lube-for-life drive is backed by a five-year warranty and provides trouble-free operation. Key Technology Inc., Walla Walla, WA 509-529-2161

u31fc_132811.jpgDrop Forged Chain
The Bolt ‘N’ Go flight system is an assembly method for drop forged and round link conveyor chain. Link and flight assembly has been made easy by using a standard bolt and nut with a high strength hollow pin. There are no circlips to become loose and no intricate assembly. No welding is required to attach flights; there is no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength. The system is available in seven chain sizes. 4B Components Ltd, East Peoria, IL 309-698-5611

u31f5_132812.jpgChain Conveyor
The RFKG chain conveyor is designed for dry, fine-grained, and course-grained materials. The conveyor is characterized by its high capacity and low-operating power requirements, durability, and sanitary design. Several other options are available including: cleaning flights for additional material clearing; A/R steel liners; and a reverse conveying option. Determining the correct RFKG size and optimal conveying velocity requires an accurate knowledge of the properties and conveying characteristics of the material being handled. Buhler Inc., Plymouth, MN 763-847-9900

u31ee_132816.jpgTube Belt Conveyors
These tube belt conveyors are engineered for stationary applications requiring the transfer of high volumes of bulk materials without exposure to the environment. The tube design provides the highest capacity for a given belt width allowing slower belt speeds to minimize product damage. Anti-static UHMW bed liners are utilized for abrasive products that would normally require roller bed conveyors and also to reduce coefficient of friction to minimize power requirements. Multiple standard conveyor designs are available, including flat and troughed, slider and roller bed frames for horizontal and incline applications, corrugated sidewall belts for steep incline applications, and flat wire and powered rollers. Chantland-MHS, Humboldt, IA 515-332-4045

u326c_132817.jpgFlexible Screw Conveyor
This flexible screw conveyor is easily installed for transporting dry, solid materials between two points either horizontally or at an incline. The unit consists of a fabricated inlet and outlet head of either mild steel or stainless steel. Between the inlets and outlets is a continuous length of UHMW polyethylene tubing, which clamps to the inlet and outlet via standard compression-type couplings. At the outlet head is a direct coupled helical gearbox and electric motor. Connected to the drive shaft is a flexible and shaft-less auger, which extends down and into the inlet head. The shaft-less auger is a continuous coil of either plain steel or stainless steel. Carolina Conveying Inc., Canton, NC 828-235-1005

u3264_132831.jpgScrew Conveyors for Dried Sludge
CEMA-type screw conveyors are made of 300 series stainless steel. The stainless steel protects the conveyor against the acid content of dried sludge granules, while the replaceable liner protects the trough from extensive wear and can be easily replaced when it is needed. A screw conveyor without intermediate hanger bearings is ideal for conveying sludge, however where it is not possible, the conveyors run with a 30% maximum trough fill to avoid a strong impact on these bearings. WAM Inc., Fort Worth, TX 817-232-2678

u327e_132827.jpgPipe Conveyors
To receive material, the belt is open like a conventional belt conveyor in the feeding area of the pipe conveyor. After a certain distance, which depends on the pipe diameter or belt width, special belt forming rollers mould the belt into the desired closed shape. The rollers smoothly roll in the belt, avoiding friction between the belt surfaces. From this point on, the closed belt runs along the entire conveying distance, through what are known as panels and partition plates. Six rollers are installed in a staggered arrangement on each of these panels for the upper and lower strands. The tubular shape of the belt makes it possible to maneuver horizontal and vertical curves without additional transfer stations. At the end of the conveying line, the belt opens on its own and discharges the material like a conventional troughed belt conveyor. Beumer Corp., Bridewater, NJ 732-560-1155

u3276_132826.jpgCentrifugal Discharge Elevator Bucket
The Tiger-Tuff industrial-duty elevator bucket is a direct replacement for any AA style elevator bucket, and adds longer life and more capacity. The bucket is built with a thicker front lip, corners, and walls to increase elevator bucket life and maintain maximum capacity. The Tiger-Tuff averages approximately 30% more capacity than same-sized AA style elevator buckets. It is available in nylon, urethane, and polyethylene materials. Nylon is the most commonly used material for industrial applications, possessing excellent abrasion and impact resistance. It easily operates in temperatures up to 300ºF. Maxi-Lift Inc., Dallas, TX 800-527-0657

u328c_132818.jpgTrough Slider-Bed Belt Conveyors
These trough conveyors use an open-center concave pan section and are available with a variety of belt sizes to quickly move large volumes of bulk material. A choice of smooth belt and textured cleat topped belts is available. The motor is mounted on the side of the conveyor section. Adding options such as in-feed hoppers, spouts, spout extensions, diverters, plow-offs, belt wipers, incline/decline elbows, and covers to the basic unit increases versatility. These conveyors are ideal for: moving grains, sawdust, forages, chips, and many other bulky materials; moving material where you want with one-way or directional conveying, adjustable elbow, or straight-line conveying and plow-off. Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS 800-835-2526

u329c_132822.jpgTilt-Down Portable Bulk Conveyor
This bulk conveyor with tilt-down portable base fits through tight spaces and provides easy access for removal of the flexible screw. Its reduced footprint enables the caster-mounted frame to maneuver through narrow aisles and around corners. With the hopper, support boom, and conveyor assembly tilted down, the unit fits through standard doorways and orients the conveyor tube horizontally, allowing the flexible screw to be removed easily for thorough cleaning and inspection. Each unit is custom configured according to the discharge height, tilt-down height, discharge overhang, and overall size parameters of individual applications. The hopper, which is equipped with a hinged lid, feeds a flexible screw conveyor that transports bulk ingredients ranging from sub-micron powders to large pellets. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426

u3295_132824.jpgCompletely Enclosed Conveyor
The Python conveyor can be installed in both a vertical and horizontal position and can be routed around obstructions with radius of turn as small as 10 ft. The conveyor is a dust-free system when transporting material by totally encasing the product. The Python tube inherits closing force when manufactured. There are no mechanical devices needed for closing the tube and for securing conveyed material in any position. An important quality control issue is checking stability of closing forces. The photo shows a special installation that is testing a ready-to-go tube sample for one million open/close cycles. ATBC LLC, Park Ridge, IL 847-648-2822

u32b2_132813.jpgFlexible Screw Conveyors with Non-Metallic Contact Surfaces
These high-capacity, heavy-duty, 3-in. flexible screw conveyors include inlet hoppers, hopper top covers, outer casings, drive boxes, drive box top covers, and discharge transitions, all manufactured and seam welded with natural UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Plastic). The flat wire auger is coated with DuPont Tefzel ETFE resin to ensure that there is no direct contact with a metal surface. Finally the conveyor is designed without metal fasteners in product contact areas. Tech3 Manufacturing Co., Kalamazoo, MI 269-375-4479

u32aa_132820.jpgFlexible Screw and Vibratory Tube Conveyors
Convey-All flexible screw and vibratory tube conveyors feature a rugged design with only two moving parts for ease of maintenance and cleaning, are available in 10- to 20-ft lengths, and offer a choice of a 3-in. diam helix screw that nominally conveys up to 150 cu ft/hr or a 4-in.-diam helix screw that conveys up to 450 cu ft/hr. These conveyors have only one moving part for long-lasting operating with low power consumption, are available in 4- to 10-ft lengths with 6- to 10-in. diam tubes, and convey high rates of difficult flowing or friable dry solids up to 400 cu ft/hr. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999

u32c0_132814.jpgKneeling Screw Conveyor
The Aero-Flex kneeling screw conveyor provides an ergonomic method of metering product and conveying powders efficiently. The kneeling frame system is designed for easy cleaning and removal of the auger, and designed to fit into tight spaces and through low doorways. Lowering and raising takes only 15 seconds. The auger is removed using a quick-release coupling for ease of cleaning. Lift up tube doors enable complete cleanout and wash down with interlocking safety switches. The bag break/safety grate on the dump hopper keeps foreign materials from the material. Downtime is all but eliminated by using a heavy-duty auger that will not unravel during downtime. This conveyor is ideal for applications in the food industry where cleaning requirements are a necessity. Vac-U-Max Inc., Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629

u32cc_132815.jpgScrew Conveyor Seals
HB model seals are in stock in CEMA standard and SAE sizes from 1 1/2 to 4 7/16 in. and in metric shaft sizes from 40 to 110 mm. HB seals are designed to perform under 90% of the typical operating conditions associated with screw conveyors or scrolls. This includes food-grade applications, temperatures up to 500ºF, abrasive products, and vertical or inclined conveyors. The HB accommodates up to ¼ in. of shaft run-out. Woodex Bearing Company, Inc., Georgetown, ME 800-526-8800

u32df_132828.jpgVibratory Conveyor
The Kraus Stedi-Flex vibratory conveyor features a simple design and construction, and includes a counterbalanced base to isolate the counteracting forces produced in a conventional vibratory conveyor. It is available in any width or length required and produced in both mild steel and stainless steel construction. A dust-tight cover is optional. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900

u32d8_132832.jpgVersatile Flexible Screw Conveyor
The Helix flexible screw conveyor fits exact applications with a broad selection of hoppers and augers. Popular sizes quick-ship in 48 hours, including stainless or low-cost ‘poly’ hoppers. Standard Helix models can convey up to 25 cu ft/min at heights up to 40 ft. Servicing is simple and quick with T-handle connectors that require no special tools. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260

u32ef_132833.jpgFlexFlite Flexible Screw Conveyors
FlexFlite flexible screw conveyors use steel augers and flexible tubes up to 100 feet long to move materials at rates as high as 3600 lb/hr. The conveyors are readily portable and ideal for conveying product from bags, bins, hoppers, or weigh stations. The spiral auger is the only moving part that contacts the conveyed material. It is coreless to minimize clogging and has an oval cross-section to ensure positive movement of material through the delivery tube and metering accuracy. Close pitching of the spiral allows increased flexibility, a tighter bending radius, and operation at lower speeds. These conveyors can move materials as diverse as cement, sand, fuller’s earth, talc, caustic flakes, herbicides, fiberglass, PVC pellets, yeast granules, grain, nuts, and more – including products requiring sanitary handling. Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241

u32e8_132834.jpgHorizontal-Motion Conveyor
The seal tight Slipstick rectangular horizontal-motion conveyor has advantages over conventional vibrating conveyors, screw conveyors, and drag conveyors. Its tight seal ensures a clean, dust-free environment. No product degradation, product segregation, or exposed parts make this system one of the safest. The conveyor can be equipped with discharge UHMW gates, inlet and outlet seals, and access ports, and is available in lengths of up to 200 ft. Triple/S Dynamics, Dallas, TX 800-527-2116

u3307_132821.jpgTubular Cable Drag Conveyors
CABLEflow tubular cable drag conveyors operate with reduced clearances and running speeds. Designed for applications requiring gentle handling and those requiring conveying in multiple points in a circuit, these conveyors transfer friable bulk products from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points with little or no damage. This makes these types of conveyors ideal for the coffee industry to convey coffee beans and in the snack food industry to move friable finished products. Spiroflow Systems Inc., Monroe, NC 704-291-9595

u3300_132830.jpgConveying System with Integrated Batch Weighing System
Whether moving material containers into or out of production, conveying containers from process to process, or from processing to packaging, this mechanical conveying system ensures material is moved efficiently and accurately. It offers an integrated, NTEP-certified batch weigh system, accurate to +/-.01%, up to a total container capacity of 4500 lb. NTEP-certified weigh systems provide valid, accurate, and repeatability weighing in bulk bag and bulk container filling applications. Integrated automation brings system-wide conveyor controls together into a single, menu-driven, touch-screen MHI. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220

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