Material Handling & Transportation Spotlight - February 2010

February 12, 2010

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Material Handling & Transportation Spotlight - February 2010


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Sanitary Drum Dumper

This sanitary high lift drum dumper allows drums to be loaded at floor level, sealed against a discharge cone, elevated, and tipped, mating the cone to a gasketted receiving ring on downstream process equipment. Trademarked Tip-Tite, the dumper accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal and can discharge bulk material into process vessels and equipment inlets 5 to 10 ft above the plant floor. The drum platform is raised by a single hydraulic cylinder, creating a dust-tight seal between the rim of a drum and the underside of the discharge cone. A second hydraulic cylinder raises the platform-hood assembly vertically before tipping it to a dump angle of 90°, causing the vertically oriented cone to mate with a gasketted receiving ring. The ring can be fitted to the lid of an optional hopper with integral flexible screw conveyor or pneumatic pick-up adapter, or to existing process equipment. A pneumatically actuated slide gate valve prevents material flow until the discharge cone has been properly seated in the gasketted receiving ring. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426


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Railroad Car Vibrator

The Rail Boss SVRWS-6500AW is a new concept in pneumatic railroad car vibration that solves the most common problems associated with railcar vibrators: loss of vibration transfer, noise, and vibrators getting stuck in the pocket. The pressure lock system secures the vibrator into the railcar pocket to provide 100% vibration transfer–the vibrator simply will not move once it locks in place. Field tests show that a typical railroad car vibrator can lose up to 60% of its vibration transfer and, due to rattling, produce noise up to 110 dB. Over time, wear in the pocket and on the vibrator wedge can further degrade the fit and cause even more vibration loss. This unit is guaranteed to eliminate these problems. Vibco Vibrators,  Wyoming, RI 800-633-0032


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Rigid IBC Discharge Station

A rigid IBC is lifted on the top of the heavy-duty support frame where the discharge valve on the IBC comes in contact with the spring-loaded seal, creating a dust-free system. Once the IBC is in place, the operator will manually open a discharge valve, allowing the powder to gravity flow through a rare earth magnet into the pick-up adaptor for the Aero-Flex flexible screw conveyor. The material is then conveyed to the process. The Aero-Flex is designed for quick take apart for easy cleaning. Features include tee handle couplings and a quick-release cleanout port.  Vac-U-Max, Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629


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Railcar Pullers

These winch-based railcar puller systems offer solutions for railcar pulling applications. The single-winch solution provides terminal operators with the heavy-duty load capacity required, at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. A dual-cable anchor design provides a closed-loop system, which allows the winch to move railcars in two directions with the high level of load control needed for this application. The winch system also provides all-weather durability with a high-grade epoxy finish for superior corrosion resistance. This single unit winch system provides enough power to securely move up to 10 railcars, rain or shine.  Thern Inc., Winona, MN 800-843-7648


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Bulk Shipping Containers

ShipShape reusable bulk containers are available in a choice of durable polyethylene materials to ensure the ideal plastic container is specified to match the bulk density and other properties of the intended cargo, while reducing risk of overspecifying. The line of rotationally molded bulk shipping containers is available in either HDPE for heavy-duty loads demanding extra stiff container walls or in LLDPE for loads with lighter bulk densities that may be safely forklifted and transported with tough but less rigid container walls. The stackable, nestable, rotomolded containers range in capacity from 30 to 44 cu ft and are available in standard 44×44 in. footprints, with four-way lift truck access and optional casters and hinged panels.  Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, OH 800-829-4535

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