Weight Indicators with Built-in Web Servers

August 29, 2018

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Weight Indicators with Built-in Web Servers
Rice Lake Weighing Systems WebServer tablet

A web server is made up of hardware, firmware, and/or software, and is commonly on equipment used for systems integration. It is used to transfer and compute process data to and from other equipment on the same network as the web server, providing a framework for the equipment’s functionality with other programs and devices.

Remote Process Control
Weight indicators and controllers with built-in web servers allow remote process control, real-time monitoring, and operational visibility from any device on the same network as the web server. Smartphones, tablets, or PCs connected to the same network as the indicator can be used for active viewing and control of the indicator from secondary locations.

Central Command
Remote operation eliminates the need to physically go to workstations to monitor work. Modifications can be done from a distance: zero the scale, print tickets, or select scale configurations from a phone or device. Start and stop processes dependent on sequential tasks set up in distant locations. Communicate and manage data from networked devices, printers, PLCs, or PCs. One operator can control more than one work station from his or her primary location.

Easier Management
Surveillance of operations is simpler, reducing the number of supervisors needed, as well as their travel distance to separate tasks. You can view all networked indicators at different workstations from a single PC by staging them for visibility in separate browser windows. Built-in web servers totally eliminate the need for paired local and remote indicators, reducing the need for additional hardware.  

Real-Time Technical Support
Technicians can assist an operator virtually in real-time, troubleshooting for fast diagnoses, reducing downtime. For repairs and training, third-party technicians use the shared web server IP address to remotely view work in progress. This is helpful not only for process errors but also for orientation in new installations.

Share a Screen to Test Drive Equipment
With a screen share, a technician can host an operator while they test out equipment based on their own process, using mocked-up capabilities tailored for a specific application. This hands-on demonstration represents how equipment will interface to a user’s specific application.

Remote Concrete Batching
Concrete batching relies heavily on timing, correct material mixing, and truck dispatching. A batching system with a built-in web server allows an operator to perform different batching actions from a central office on multiple browser windows. You can mix a batch for one truck and perform secondary actions such as running reports, queuing subsequent mixes, or sending directions to a driver, all from a web server. Downtime between batches or trucks is significantly reduced, increasing profitability and throughput.

Truck Scale Site Supervision
Although routine, critical events happen from the time a truck enters a truck scale site to when it exits. You can supervise weighing operations and truck throughput with remote indicator viewing from the scale house. Visibility for load compliance, ticketing, driver identification, site safety, and efficient truck traffic flow feed strategies needed for bottom-line gains.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems, a global leader in weighing, measuring, and process control systems, has equipment with built-in web servers such as the 1280 Enterprise Series programmable digital weight indicator, CB-3 concrete batching control system, and iDimension dimensioning systems for process control, weighing, and measuring operations. For more information, visit www.ricelake.com.

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