Webinar Focuses on Optimizing Granulation

August 23, 2012

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Webinar Focuses on Optimizing Granulation
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A recently recorded webinar from Malvern Instruments highlights the benefits of real-time particle sizing for the effective monitoring and control of granulation processes.

Granulation is a widely applied unit operation, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with operators sharing the common goal of controlling particle size to meet granulate performance goals. The webinar features a discussion of how the particle sizing techniques of spatial filter velocimetry and laser diffraction can be employed to generate a continuous information flow that supports tight control of the process, optimizing product quality and reducing operating costs. To view recorded webinars on this and related topics, visit www.malvern.com/granulation_process

Spatial filter velocimetry and laser diffraction are both proven, robust particle sizing technologies for continuous, real-time measurement on- or in-line. Together they provide effective analytical solutions for all granulation processes. Laser diffraction is especially suited to dry compaction, while spatial filter velocimetry answers the need for in-vessel measurement during high-shear granulation. Both can be applied in fluidized bed processing. The data generated not only provide real-time quality control but also improve process understanding and control, promoting truly optimal operation.

To find out more about the use of real-time sizing in granulation, download the webinar or the complementary white paper “Real-timing particle sizing for granulation control” from the Malvern Knowledge Center at www.malvern.com/granulation_control

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