Powder Rheometer Leads to New Insight at Clarochem Ireland

October 13, 2009

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Powder Rheometer Leads to New Insight at Clarochem Ireland

Use of the FT4 powder rheometer from Freeman Technology is enabling organic chemists at Clarochem (Ireland) Ltd to incorporate some fundamental aspects of material science into their crystallization work. This is proving to be a significant point of differentiation in their field.
Clarochem (Ireland) Limited, which is part of the CFM Group (CoFarmaceutica Milanese), is a pharmaceutical manufacturing site, supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for group and third-party products. The site strongly emphasizes the importance of the physical and bulk properties of solid pharmaceutical ingredients and has a record in optimizing crystallization processes and offering novel API solutions, including tailored and part-formulated actives.

The FT4 powder rheometer provides automated, rapid, and consistent characterization of powders, such as the APIs and advanced intermediates that Clarochem (Ireland) produces. It offers dynamic, shear, and bulk property measurement in a single system and is a universal powder tester. This integrated testing approach allows the characterization and understanding of powders in industrially relevant ways.

The team at Clarochem has been using the FT4 since 2005 and report improved understanding of the company’s powder processes.

“We use the FT4 extensively for in-house and third-party work,” said Colm Campbell, process implementation manager. “It has helped enhance our crystallization and powder characterization know-how, allowing us to evolve to incorporate some fundamental material science aspects into our crystallization work. Not only has this contributed to a greater appreciation by our partners of the added value of our expertise, it also helps to differentiate us from our competitors.”

The high level of technical and applications support provided by Freeman Technology has also impressed Campbell. “As organic chemists who have a particular interest in crystallization, this technology provided some fresh perspectives. The back-up service provided by Freeman, especially in the interpretation of output data, goes well beyond what would normally be expected. They are always on hand to discuss and crunch results, often training us on new techniques to solve particular problems.”

For more information, visit www.freemantech.co.uk.

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