Particle Analysis Spotlight - August 08

July 23, 2008

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Particle Analysis Spotlight - August 08

Moisture and Ash Analyzer
The Computrac MAX 5000XL advances the state of the art in rapid moisture and ash analysis with a new temperature-controlled balance and high-temperature lift compensation algorithm that provides users with more-stable and more-accurate measurements. The tool also features a temperature ramp control feature that allows the instrument to be used for qualitative analyses that were previously only possible using a thermogravimetric analyzer. Design improvements and the unit’s high-temperature-capable balance system make it possible to accurately analyze materials with ash concentrations of as little as 0.5%.
Arizona Instrument LLC, Tempe, AZ 602-470-1414

Particle Analyzers
The DelsaNano particle analyzer performs zeta potential and particle size analysis on the same sample. This system is designed to deliver accurate size measurements of particles ranging from 0.6 nm to 7 µm. It also measures the zeta potential of concentrated material and solid flat surfaces such as films, paper, and glass. It is available in two models: the DelsaNano S, which performs particle size analysis, and the DelsaNano C, which performs size and zeta potential measurement of particles in liquid suspension or zeta potential measurement of solid surfaces.
Beckman Coulter Inc., Fullerton, CA 800-742-2345

Laser Particle Size Analyzer
This particle size analyzer has been designed exclusively with lasers for the highest accuracy and precision. The patented design completely integrates wet and dry dispersion modes, eliminating the need for hardware changes. A new high-resolution imaging system allows for the analysis of particle shape down to 1 µm. All analyzers are fully ISO 13320 and USP 429 compliant.
Cilas Particle Size, Madison, WI 608-274-7719

Statistical Data Analysis Tool
A new statistical data analysis tool for the Morphologi G3 high-sensitivity particle characterization system speeds up and simplifies the investigation of batch-to-batch variations in powder feed or product. From the database of size and shape measurements generated by the Morphologi G3, a data comparison tool rapidly identifies the parameters responsible for batch-to-batch variations. The results, in combination with process or product performance data, make it easy to identify those parameters that are critical to quality and set appropriate criteria for quality control. The Morphologi G3 measures particle size and shape parameters for tens of thousands of particles in a sample in just minutes. The comparison tool allows users to select sets of data to be compared on the basis of any recorded variable. The tool produces a parameter variability bar chart that shows which properties vary most across the selected records, and it has a dendrogram function that clusters sets with similar chosen parameters.
Malvern Instruments Inc., Westborough, MA 508-768-6400

High-Resolution Laser Particle Size Analyzer
Utilizing a state-of-the-art CCD detector, Mie theory, and unique design and data reduction features, the Saturn DigiSizer 5200 automatically measures particle sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1000 µm in minutes. Optional features such as fully automated sampling and a low-volume sample-handling system make the unit ideal for a wide range of production, research, and quality control applications. All-new confirm software addresses the many requirements specified by 21 CFR Part 11 that encompass validation, security, audit trails, reporting, etc.
Micromeritics Instrument Corp., Norcross, GA 770-662-3633

Moisture Analyzer
Online near-infrared measurement results in tight control of bulk density and consistent final particle dimension. This analyzer enables users to optimize moisture levels, minimize waste, and save energy. The choice of measurement location is dictated by the process and the conveying mechanisms. Measurement can be made by looking through a viewing window into the bottom of the spray dryer or before screening to implement corrective action quickly. Often, moisture measurement can be used directly in closed-loop control. If product flow is discontinuous or the material volume is low, a powder sampler is advisable. Continuous measurement can also be made over the conveyor using an air-purge assembly to keep the sensor window clean.
Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA 508-473-9901

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