Malvern Mastersizer Sales Top 10,000 Mark

June 30, 2009

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Malvern Mastersizer Sales Top 10,000 Mark

Sales of Malvern Instruments’ Mastersizer systems have exceeded the 10,000 instruments mark, a major milestone in the company’s history. Mastersizer laser diffraction particle size analyzers are now used by more than 90% of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies. 

“Through our regular Mastersizer user surveys, we constantly assess whether we are meeting the needs of our customers and delivering the applications and technical assistance that helps them get maximum value from their investment,” said Dr Paul Kippax, diffraction product manager at Malvern. “Delivering dedicated, high-quality, global customer support has long been a high priority for Malvern and users tell us that this is both important and appreciated. It is this which is at the core of the Mastersizer’s success”.

Mastersizer users report high levels of satisfaction, and individual experiences and testimonials can be viewed on the company’s Web site at

Malvern was one of the early pioneers of laser diffraction technology. Today, it is the basis not only for laboratory-based Mastersizers, but also the specialist Spraytec system and the Insitec range of in-process particle size analyzers. Kippax explained the practical value this brings. “Laser diffraction is rapid, non-destructive and successful in both the laboratory and process environment. Being able to use the same technology during product development and manufacture has great advantages, because, once specifications are set, they can be maintained through scale-up and into routine production.”

The Mastersizer 2000 revolutionized particle size analysis by introducing SOP-driven operation and fully automated measurement. “It is clear from customer feedback that users really appreciate the capabilities that translate directly into benefits for their bottom line; greater laboratory productivity, reduced downtime, improved data, and increased analysis capabilities, for example,” said Kippax.

The success of the Mastersizer range lies also in the versatility of the systems. Their ease of use and minimal training requirements save both labor costs and time, increasing not only the productivity of the laboratory but also of individual users. At the same time, reliable, stress-free operation helps decrease total cost of ownership, with just simple, low-cost routine maintenance needed to keep everything running optimally. Confidence in results is also important, with repeatable and reproducible data improving both product and process understanding. The versatility of the Mastersizer 2000 in measuring a wide range of particle sizes, its ability to handle both wet and dry processes, and its capacity to operate as a research tool or a QC test system also ensure that users get the most value from their systems.

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