Malvern Instruments Adds Fiber Analysis Capabilities in New Software for Morphologi G3 System

July 17, 2013

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Malvern Instruments Adds Fiber Analysis Capabilities in New Software for Morphologi G3 System

Malvern Instruments has introduced new software for the Morphologi G3 particle characterization system, extending the instrument’s capabilities to include the detailed measurement of fibers. The Morphologi G3 measures the size and shape of particles by image analysis, and the new software function delivers accurate measurement of fiber-specific parameters, including fiber total length, fiber width, fiber straightness, and fiber elongation.
Many manufactured materials and intermediates are fibrous in nature, including insulation products, reinforcing materials, textiles, and carbon fiber. Each has its own unique properties and a detailed understanding of the individual properties is essential from R&D through to manufacturing and quality control.
When measuring curved or branched fibers by image analysis, traditional caliper-based measurements of particle length and width often fail to deliver all the information needed to fully determine the fiber particle properties. Fiber total length and fiber width measurements, now available with the Morphologi G3, often prove to be more valuable parameters. The system also calculates fiber straightness and fiber elongation, adding further detail into understanding a fiber’s characteristics.
Full details of the measurement techniques employed, how the fiber parameters are calculated using the Morphologi G3, and a comparison with traditional caliper-based measurements, are described in a freely downloadable application note ‘Measuring the length and width of fibers on the Morphologi G3’.

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