Instrumentation & Process Control Focus - December 08

November 20, 2008

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Instrumentation & Process Control Focus - December 08

Dust Collector Controller
The FDC Controller provides user-friendly pulse-cleaning control for all types of cartridge and baghouse dust collection systems. Using factory-programmed or customer-selected settings, the unit monitors pressure differential across the filters to ensure more efficient pulse cleaning, reducing compressed air energy usage, and extending filter life. It is easily operated thanks to clear, permanent instructions posted on the NEMA 4X water- and chemical-proof box. A pulse-cleaning switch on the front of the box allows the user to turn pulsing off, to pulse continuously based on predetermined settings, or to clean on demand when the high pressure setting is reached and a dirty filter alarm sounds.
Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801

Bulk Handling Process Control Systems
BEST technologically advanced, fully integrated industrial process control systems for bulk process handling applications are designed and built in the company’s in-house UL-listed panel shop. These systems are used in a wide variety of applications to streamline production operations. Production monitoring and management features are programmed for the user’s choice of automation platforms. Production and maintenance schedules can be configured on one server that logs and reports real-time and historical production data, downtime data, production trends, and maintenance. Reports can be detailed as required.
Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

Direct Flow Meter
The C-Lever direct flow meter has a specially designed sensor area, is impact-free constructed, and connected to a load cell without rotation points or other moving parts. It is possible to record bulk solids dynamically both inline and online without adverse effects on accuracy due to fluctuating material characteristics. This friction-free measuring principle works without any mechanical moving parts and is low-maintenance. Dust-tight housing guarantees the flow even if the system is switched off. As a result, grinding effects do not arise.
Rembe GmbH, Brilon, Germany +49 296174050

Particle-Size Analyzer
The Gradex 2000 is a patented pc-controlled device that fully automates the sieve analysis of dry granular materials. By fully automating the entire sieve analysis process, the unit frees up technicians to perform other work. The system provides analysis on a more frequent and timely basis, allowing for closer control of raw-material receipts, materials in process, and finished product. Using standard ASTM-approved 8-in. round test sieves, either full or half-size, the unit can analyze individually loaded samples as well as multiple samples staged for continuous testing. The standard round test sieves can easily be inserted and changed to suit specific test requirements.
Rotex Global LLC, Cincinnati, OH 800-453-2321

Particulate Sensor for Dryers
This particulate sensor is designed for chemical spray dryers and pharmaceutical powder fluid bed dryers. Moisture present in a drying process will not affect operation, nor will the buildup of wet powders. The company’s proprietary combination of induction technology and a protected probe also provides low-level measurement capabilities (0.01 mg/m3) which is important in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent the loss of valuable powders from filtration systems. Outputs include 4-20 mA, Modbus, and Ethernet.
FilterSense, Beverly, MA 978-927-4304

Continuous Online Moisture Analyzer
The PMD300-series moisture analyzer is designed for online analysis, providing the user with a complete overview of the current state of the production process. Utilizing microwave resonance technology, moisture content data can be automated, or immediate feedback can be realized by manual process control. This unit gives the user continuous, automatic, and accurate feedback of moisture content online. The analyzer is particularly suited for food, chemical, or pharmaceutical products, along with animal feed or other materials where the moisture or water content frequently determines the price and quality of raw materials and final products. The PMD300 not only saves valuable energy, it also increases process safety.
Sartorius Mechatronics Corp., Tempe, AZ 800-835-3211

Weight Indicator
The 225 navigator features trans-reflective technology that allows its display to be viewed under any lighting conditions, from direct sunlight to total darkness. The 1-in.-high weight characters make viewing easy. Users can simultaneously view up to three scales with total weight using the optional dual-scale input board. No special software is needed. Features include: 240 × 64-pixel backlit graphics display; navigation keys for convenient user interface; four serial ports, three of which are bidirectional; four soft keys with the ease of menu-driven operation; and an alphanumeric keypad for easy ID entries and recalls. The indicator also features piece counting, check-weighing, batching, and 200 ID fields.
Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 417-673-4631

Pocket-Sized Infrared Thermometer
The portable Model PIT pocket-sized infrared thermometer features a sturdy mounting clip that can be attached to any pant or shirt pocket. The unit can be field selected to read in °F or °C. The compact size and single-button operation allow users to take quick and accurate temperature readings.
Dwyer Instruments Inc., Michigan City, IN 800-872-9141

Digital Weight Transmitter
The SCAIME eNod3 is a digital weight transmitter that provides a solution for load cell integration into industrial automated systems. It transmits up to 1200 measurements per second with a maximum resolution of 1 million points. Software is provided. The transmitter is designed to easily be connected to all makes of PLCs with RS-485, RS-232, and CAN serial ports, using SCMbus, MODbus-RTU, and CANopen protocols. Each transmitter is available with two logic inputs and outputs in order to synchronize all functions with the automated system.
PTC Electronics Inc., Wyckoff, NJ 201-847-0500

Water Activity Meter
Taking 5 min or less to produce a water activity reading accurate to ±-0.003 aw, the AquaLab Series 4 is a fast and accurate water activity machine. The redesigned package offers flip-top convenience and beefed-up data-compliance options. The sample drawer in previous models is gone, replaced by a flip-top sample chamber that makes the sensor easy to see and keep clean. Previous options like internal temperature control and volatiles capability are still available, and the volatiles sensor has now been completely integrated so users can measure either normal or volatile samples without changing the sensor head. This new model also sports a larger data screen and comfortable navigation buttons. Internally, data management options have been added to give administrators more control over the integrity of their water activity data.
Decagon Devices Inc., Pullman, WA 509-332-2756

Microprocessor Controller
The Series 4 microprocessor controller features a mode for refilling feeders from a powered gate mounted to the receiver outlet. It can be integrated into the K-Tron SmartConnex feeder controls, thereby providing one simple control solution for both feeders and vacuum sequencing receivers. The controller consists of a central control unit that features an easy-to-use, touch-sensitive keypad operating up to 24 vacuum receivers with individual unit controls. The operator controls the whole system, including turning receivers on and off, setting draw times, etc., from one central location. Additional circuit boards are not needed as receivers are added. The unit is shipped preprogrammed, eliminating complex logic programming.
Premier Pneumatics Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1611

Batching Software Program
Used in conjunction with the X-Family, Combics Pro, and other PLC controllers, the ProBatch+ software offers the user efficient management of original raw material and recipe data. The powerful software program allows for visual presentation of the running process and enables all batch procedures to be both visually monitored and easily controlled. It can supervise and monitor just a single scale or simultaneously control up to 16 production lines and scales operating in parallel. In addition, the software is extremely flexible and can be used for simple applications or larger process automation tasks. It runs under Microsoft Windows and uses the powerful MS Access database to manage large quantities of raw-material, recipe, and production data, easily and securely.
Sartorius Mechatronics Corp., Edgewood, NY 800-635-2906

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