Instrumentation & Process Automation

December 2, 2011

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Instrumentation & Process Automation

Nano-Particle Analyzer The SZ-100 series analyzes key particle physical properties including size and zeta potential. Particle size analysis is performed by dynamic light scattering (DLS). Zeta potential is measured by electrophoretic light scattering. Typical applications include nanoparticles, colloids, proteins, biomolecules, and emulsions. The SZ-100 is capable of performing size measurements at both right angle (90°) and backscatter (173°). This feature provides maximum sensitivity and allows the user to optimize measurement conditions for all possible sample types. Particle size measurements can be performed with a variety of cells and sample volumes down to 10 µL. The semi-disposable zeta potential cells use carbon electrodes and can measure hundreds of samples before requiring replacement. Horiba Instruments Inc., Irvine, CA 800-446-7422

ION Sensor Network I/O Module The ION Modbus Network Nodes simplify remote sensor installation and save on wiring costs. The Analog Node accepts up to 12 analog sensor inputs and transmits the data over Modbus RTU back to your PLC or control system. The Discrete Node accepts up to six discrete sensor inputs (such as panel and limit switches or proximity sensors) and has six relay outputs to control local alarms or machinery shutdown. A single daisy-chain network uses inexpensive cable. Features include: scalable single- or multi-leg system capability; available in analog (12 inputs) or discrete (6 inputs, 6 output) versions; easily deploy up to 31 nodes; DIN rail mountable module for easy installation; at-a-glance status of power, communication, internal fault, and communication fault. Electro-Sensors Inc., Minnetonka, MN 952-930-0100

Unattended Weighing Systems and Data Management Complete truck scale solutions are provided and include unattended systems for driver operation. Driver prompting on the outdoor weight display creates an easy-to-use and efficient management system for a company’s complete fleet and material management needs. All of this is made possible with a complete software and hardware development team that will design a system specifically for the customer’s operational sequence with the ideal solution for tracking trucks, materials, and updating internal records through Cardinal WinVRS truck management software. When truck ID security is necessary, Cardinal incorporates proximity badge readers to identify each truck and its materials for shipping and receiving inventories. The proximity badge reader is built right into the RE system enclosure which thermally prints tickets for driver records. Cardinal Scale Mfg. Co., Webb City, MO 800-441-4237

Weight Transmitter The PR5230 transmitter provides an easy solution for the weighing of tanks, hoppers, and scales with strain gauge load cells in process automation applications. The user-friendly design includes a built-in Web browser and ports to allow for compatibility with older technology. When used with Star Series load cells, the PR5230 is capable of calibration without weights, eliminating the bottleneck of handling heavy weights and limiting downtime. The smooth finish makes it ideal for pharmaceutical and food applications, while the IP66 stainless steel housing makes it durable enough for outdoor environments. Sartorius Mechatronics Corp., Bohemia, NY 800-635-2906

Cable-based Level Sensor The SiloPatrol cable-based “smart” level sensor can be equipped with the optional stainless steel inverted cone style plumb bob in order to provide level measurement in lighter powder and bulk solid materials (bulk densities greater than 5 lb/ cu ft.) The inverted cone style plumb bob will not penetrate lightweight or highly aerated powders as likely as a standard plumb bob may tend to do. A Teflon-coated version of this cone is also available for corrosive or sticky materials. The SiloPatrol SMU (silo monitoring unit) lowers a weight and cable into the silo until it contacts the material surface. Upon contact the weight and cable system is immediately retracted and the measurement is fed to the plant control system or operator interface. Once the material level measurement is obtained, a variety of operator interface devices including PC-based software are available to calculate and display material volume, weight, and more. These sensors are easy to install and are also virtually maintenance free. Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-766-6486

Batching Automation Prater-Sterling offers control systems that include integrating personal computers, programmable logic controllers, and equipment for weighing, batching, and process control systems. Using Windows-based hand prompt batching controls, these systems provide accurate minor ingredient weighing. An operator interface panel is used in conjunction with a scale to sequence operator through pre-programmed formula, one ingredient at a time. Customized controls are designed around the application requirements, bin volumes, feed type, size, and scale capacity. The batching controls provide formulation storage and inventory of raw materials and finished batches along with real-time batching status, weighments, batching status, and “material in suspension” correction. Prater-Sterling, Bolingbrook, IL 630-759-9595

Powder Flow Tester The PFT powder flow tester offers a solution for small powder samples. Ideal for pharmaceutical formulators who test expensive powders in limited quantities, the new small volume shear cell requires only 43 cc of powder. Other good candidates include materials that are difficult or messy to handle, such as powdered inks. The small volume shear cell has an added technical performance advantage - the ability to generate higher consolidation stresses, which simulates conditions in larger bins and silos. The powder flow tester provides quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. It allows technicians to QC check incoming materials and evaluate how powders will discharge from storage containers. The operator can also rapidly characterize new formulations for flowability and adjust composition to match the flow behavior of established products. Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc., Middleboro, MA 800-628-8139

Industrial Process Control Systems BEST technologically advanced, fully integrated industrial process control systems for bulk process handling applications are designed and built in Metso’s in-house UL-listed panel shop. These systems are used in a wide variety of applications to streamline production operations. Production monitoring and management features are programmed for the user’s choice of automation platforms. Production and maintenance schedules can be configured on one server that logs and reports real-time and historical production data, downtime data, production trends, and maintenance. Reports can be detailed as required. Metso, Brunswick, OH 800-827-9237

Remote Process Monitoring Two new models of Cell Switch enable industrial users to connect to their processes in real-time through existing cellular networks. With Cell Switch technology, as many as 10 users can be connected to their processes in real-time with a standard cellular device. The CS-440 is complete with four digital inputs and four digital outputs, while the CS-884 has eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and four analog inputs. Each device is completely configurable to fit a range of demanding industrial applications. Industrial uses include machine supervision and monitoring; pumping station monitoring; pollution control monitoring; server control and monitoring; control room applications; oil and gas pipeline monitoring; valve control monitoring; and more. SCM Technologies, Cleveland, OH 440-781-8395

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer  With an extended dynamic range that spans 0.01 to 3500 microns, the Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer delivers precise, robust wet and dry measurements right across the milli-, micro-, and nano-meter size ranges. Smart design of the new optical core packs high performance into a small footprint system that boasts equally well-engineered sample dispersion accessories. Such flexibility makes the system ideal for the multitude of particle sizing applications for which laser diffraction is now the technique of choice. Friendly and intuitive software drives every measurement, bringing operator-independent analysis and offering data generation. Malvern Instruments Inc., Westborough, MA 508-768-6400

Image Analyzer  A new version of the ShapeSizer image analyzer has a state-of-the-art CCD camera, high-performance computer, and sophisticated software. This makes it a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of industrial particulate applications where both size and shape are critical parameters. It has user-friendly image analysis software and is ideal for particles in the 1–5000 µm size range. Key features of the ShapeSizer include: high-speed, high-resolution frame grabbing; automatic cluster recognition and elimination; particle separation and editing facility; unique pixel correction for X/Y distortion in the CCD camera; a Miles-Lantuejoul option to maximize field of view without eliminating particles; certificate generation for validation processes. Whitehouse Scientific Ltd, Chester, UK +44 (0) 1244 332626

Capacitance Probe with Remote Electronics  The Pro Remote capacitance probe offers the ability to mount the sensor’s electronic components up to 75 ft from the sensing probe. This point level indicator is designed specifically for hostile applications such as high temperatures or excessive vibration, featuring a “split” configuration that houses sensitive electronics away from extreme conditions that may interfere with operation. The Pro Remote can be used for high-, mid-, and low-level detection of solids or slurries using a variety of Delrin, Teflon, food-grade, flush-mounted, stubby, or extended-probe options. This housing also has dual conduit entries to simplify wiring and installation. BinMaster, Lincoln, NE 800-278-4241

Twin Shaft Vibratory Drive  This twin shaft vibratory drive features a proprietary design that produces the robust linear vibration required to deliver consistent motion to its large, high-capacity fluid bed dryers, coolers, screeners, and conveyors. Developed for smooth, high-volume, 24/7 operation, the new twin shaft drive advances the company’s standard forced vibration drive design with a low-maintenance approach that replaces gears, drive springs, counter reacting bases and crank arms with belts, oversized spherical roller bearings, and an enlarged eccentric counter weight. By eliminating gears and other wear parts, the new twin shaft drive eliminates oil lubrication, along with its inherent safety concerns, while operating at comfortable sound pressure levels of less than 80 dBA, 11% quieter than OSHA’s permissible industry standard. Witte Company, Inc., Washington, NJ 908-689-6500

Half-Frame Bulk Bag Discharging System This custom-designed unit features the exclusive heavy-duty Flo-Master “breaker bar” bulk bag massaging system to promote product discharge. A powerful Flo-Lock actuated discharge spout closure system quickly halts material flow for partial bag discharge, allowing the bag to be retied and removed. The unit includes a fully integrated, dual rotor delumper, and 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces. Material Transfer & Storage Inc., Allegan, MI 800-836-7068

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