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Explosion Suppression & Spark Detection/Extinguishment

May 11, 2007

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Explosion Suppression & Spark Detection/Extinguishment

pbs0705p6a.jpgChemical Isolation and Suppression Systems
The Type IPD chemical isolation and suppression system provides explosion protection for process manufacturing plants that handle combustible powders. The system meets stringent NFPA 654, NFPA 68, and NFPA 69 requirements. The four components of the system are a power supply with battery backup, a monitoring module indicating system status and drive external relays, a unitized sensor to detect explosion onset, and suppression cannons that deliver a safe sodium bicarbonate suppression agent into the protected equipment. The cannons’ compact size and low mass enable easy installations at any angle. There is no need for heavy extension piping and nozzles for suppressant dispersion.
BS&B Pressure Safety Management LLC, Tulsa, OK 918-622-5950 www.bsbsystems.com

pbs0705p6b.jpgExplosion Suppressor
The PistonFire suppressor utilizes a nonexplosive actuating device that eliminates the need for explosive handling and storage requirements and has an extended service life to reduce maintenance costs. It is equipped with a supervisory OSHA lockout feature that allows safe vessel entry without having to remove the suppressors from their mounted location. The supervisory switch prevents the arming of the suppression system if a suppressor is locked out. The unit is also equipped with a pressure switch that continuously monitors its pressure and alerts operators if the pressure is out of the operating range.
Fenwal Protection Systems, Ashland, MA 508-881-2000 www.fenwalfire.com

pbs0705p6c.jpgSpark Detection and Extinguishing System
The Flamex is a cost-effective solution for the prevention of baghouse fires and explosions. The system can identify and extinguish a spark in a pneumatic duct within a fraction of a second, preventing the spark from entering filtration units and storage bins where violent explosions and fires can occur. It is designed so that virtually no downtime or cleanup is required. Currently in its fourth generation of development, the spark detection and extinguishing system is Factory Mutual approved.
Flamex Inc., Greensboro, NC 336-299-2933 www.sparkdetection.com

pbs0705p6d.jpgSpark-Detection System
This spark-detection system is composed of an infrared detector that is highly sensitive to the optical radiation emitted by hot or burning particles. It converts the radiation into an electronic signal, which in turn is received and processed by the central control unit, which triggers the solenoid activated extinguishing system. Essential are the timing and the impulse to open the solenoid valve for a fixed period of time to ensure that the spark has passed through the curtain of water, since optimal system response speed is crucial. Similar principles are involved in the self-contained conveyor detector shown. Both units can be incorporated strategically in the early-stage segment of a fire- and explosion-prevention system.
Henderson Industrial, Waterdown, ON, Canada 905-690-0425 www.hendersonindustrial.com

pbs0705p6e.jpgBursting Disk
The 24-in. FAS bursting disk is nonfragmenting, keeping disk pieces from entering a piping system in the event of a disk burst. It can withstand full vacuum and will operate at up to 90% of the stamped rating and still provide excellent service life. In addition, the disk performs well in static and high-cycling services. The scored portion of the disk is placed away from the process, preventing product buildup and making it suitable for sanitary applications. Though proper installation is an important factor in disk performance, the 24-in. FAS will activate at or below the rated burst pressure even when damaged or installed incorrectly, making it fail-safe. The user-friendly, nontorque sensitive design eliminates the need for pretorqued rupture disk holders.
Oseco, Broken Arrow, OK 918-258-5626 www.oseco.com

pbs0705p6f.jpgExplosion Protection
Company provides active and passive explosion protection, including testing, explosion venting, flameless explosion venting, explosion isolation, explosion suppression, and detection and control. Testing capabilities include vibration tests, leak testing, explosion testing, and classification. Atex-certified explosion-venting solutions are available for all areas of industrial activity. Flameless explosion venting extinguishes the flame from a vented explosion, where it could ignite secondary explosions or endanger personnel. Isolation systems detect and mechanically or chemically block the flame pathways, preventing the spread of the explosion and pressure piling. Explosion suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest (incipient) stages to prevent development of destructive pressures. EPACO is a modular state-of-the-art explosion detection and control system that is easy to install and use.
Fike Corp., Blue Springs, MO 816-229-3405 www.fike.com

pbs0705p6g.jpgSteel-Armored Disk
Damage from poor storage, handling, or transportation and improper installation are common causes of inadequate graphite-bursting disk performance. Because of its unique steel-armored ring design, the Universal Arma-Gard graphite disk is resistant to these and other common problems. Breaking, chipping, or shattering during storage, handling, or transportation are reduced by the steel-armored ring protecting the disk. The ring also prevents sidewall bursts, a common problem associated with conventional disk designs, ensuring that disks only burst in a forward direction. This disk is not adversely affected by misaligned, poorly supported pipework or improper torquing of pipe flange bolts, making installation fail-safe. Proper installation ensures the safety of plant personnel by relieving pressure before it reaches potentially dangerous proportions, reducing damage to equipment, and minimizing process downtime.
Elfab, Erlanger, KY 859-653-9317 www.elfab.com

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