Feeders Focus - September 08

September 12, 2008

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Feeders Focus - September 08

High-Speed Feeders

Ac-operated high-speed feeders are designed for high-speed feeding of light, bulky materials. These rugged and powerful feeders are ideal for scales and other applications that require higher throughput and advanced control. In addition to advanced high-speed feed rates, the units feature a quick-stopping characteristic to assure accurate handling of materials for economy and efficiency in mixing, weighing, batching packaging, and bagging operations. These feeders are available in eight models. Each model has unique feed-rate capabilities ranging from 40–600 cu ft/hr. Feed rate is easily adjusted by a variable transformer or solid-state-type controllers to enable trouble-free handling of bulk materials from a few ounces to several tons per hour.
Eriez, Erie, PA 888-300-3743 www.eriez.com

Continuous Weigh Feeders

Better-Weigh continuous feeders are available for gravimetric feeding of dry bulk materials where it is necessary to determine actual feed rates on a loss-of-weight basis. Available in seven models with feed rates from 1 to 550 cu ft/hr (larger sizes available), these units are designed to provide feeding in either batch or continuous mode depending upon the arrangement of the feeder’s control electronics. In batch mode, the batch controller is used to control the fast (bulk) and slow (dribble) speeds of the feeder. Accuracies of ±0.5% can be easily achieved in 2-lb or less batches, and ±0.25% with 3-lb or greater batches with time spans of 30 to 90 seconds. In continuous mode, the feeder’s electronic controller is used to constantly monitor loss-of-weight of material per time in order to maintain a continuous loss of weight with an accuracy of ±0.25% to 0.5%. Standard features include a platform or lever balance scale, sealed tactile keyboard, seven-digit numerical keyboard, automatic manual batching, and 2- or 5-cu-ft hopper. Sanitary construction is also available.
Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ 800-764-2999 www.metalfabinc.com

Vibratory Feeder Package

This predesigned, integrated feeder and chutework arrangement incorporates the static chutework, suspension hardware, and vibratory feeder into a one-piece package that simply bolts to the hopper outlet for discharge applications. This innovative approach reduces engineering costs while eliminating cumbersome cables and installation guesswork. The vibratory feeder is designed and manufactured to meet the exact application and work envelope requirements. A variety of replaceable, abrasion-resistant liners are available. Each feeder operates on single-mass vibratory-feeder principles that eliminate natural frequency tuning issues, minimize replacement parts, and provide reliable electronic feed rate adjustability via standard variable frequency drives.
JVI Vibratory Equipment Inc., Houston, TX 832-467-3720 www.jvivibratoryequipment.com

Vibrating Feeders

Paramount II vibrating feeders offer maintenance-free operation and proven performance in most demanding bulk material applications. The feeders use a two-mass drive system that requires less energy to run compared to direct-drive designs. Feeders are available in mild or stainless steel and are custom engineered to meet specific process objectives.
General Kinematics Corp., Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-3222 www.generalkinematics.com

Stainless-Steel Vibratory Feeder

The Mechatron Coni-Steel Vibro Feeder meters a wide variety of powders, granules, chips, flakes, and fibers. With a maintenance-free feed chute, dry solid materials are gently metered for applications in the plastics, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. A conical hopper ensures consistent material flow to the feed unit. Volumetric and gravimetric configurations of the feeder are available with complete disassembly from the nonprocess side for easy cleaning and maintenance. The new stainless-steel vibratory feeder is capable of accuracies greater than ±0.5% and feed rates from .01 to 353 cu ft/hr.
Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 800-606-9248 www.accuratefeeders.com

Vibratory Feeders

BEST vibratory feeders are designed to smoothly convey products. Flow of material is adjustable and the flow rate can be variable or fixed. Available in electric or air-operated models, heavy-duty vibratory feeders can be designed with above-, below-, or side-mounted drives and can be arranged for base mounting or overhead suspension. The feeders come in custom vibrating trough lengths, and special trough designs are available. The feeders are available in several basic models including air-operated light-duty, air-operated heavy-duty, twin-motor vibrating pan and grizzly feeders, electromagnetic, twin-motor, and special application feeders.
Metso Minerals Industries Inc., Brunswick, OH 800-817-9237 www.bestvibes.com

Powder Feeders

Easy Clean powder feeders. Complete disassembly and cleaning of Easy Clean powder feeders often take less than five minutes total. Screw changes are accomplished simply by turning a single knob at the end of the shaft, outside the motor housing. Each screw comes with its own dedicated set of easily replaceable seals, which reduce potential downtime and eliminate cross-contamination. The pan feeder design also minimizes the risk of cross-contamination with quick release, hand-operated clamps for rapid removal, and quick cleaning and/or changeovers of material-dedicated feeding trays. Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries Inc., Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.ThayerScale.com

Bulk Solids Pump Feeder

The patented Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeder line offers gentle, precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, and friable materials. With several models available, the BSP does not use screws/augers, belts, or vibratory trays to convey materials. It utilizes positive-displacement action to move material uniformly with high accuracy. The feeder has vertical rotating discs that create a product lock-up zone, conveying the material smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet and achieving true linear volumetric flow. Models available include the BSP-100, BSP-135, BSP-150-P, and BSP-150-S.
K-Tron, Pitman, NJ 856-589-0500 www.ktron.com/BSP

Loss-in-Weight Feeders

AccuFeed loss-in-weight feeders provide accuracies to ±1/4% in gravimetric mode, where the weight signal is more stable than in other systems. Designed to maximize accuracy through controlled vibration during the refill cycle, the plastic-bodied feeders are available in screw diameters from 1–6 in. and capacities from 2.8 to more than 600 cu ft/hr. They are constructed of food-grade polyethylene, which is inert and non-corrosive. They offer versatility in hopper selection, adapt easily to a wide variety of storage/discharge systems, and afford easy cleaning between material changes.
Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa, NJ 973-256-7410 www.vibrascrew.com

Single-Drive Feeder

The Tecweigh QC10 single-drive feeder couples a Flex-Feed polyurethane hopper with an opening in the bottom and the ability to agitate the hopper without driving the auger. When the user needs to change material, he or she simply stops the feeder and places a reclaim container underneath. The user then opens the bottom discharge slide gate (or removes the plug) and runs the drive motor in reverse.
Tecnetics Industries Inc., St. Paul, MN 800-536-4880 www.tecweigh.com

Weigh Belt Feeders

High-capacity, heavy-duty Model MH and MDH weigh belt feeders are capable of accurately measuring and controlling feed rates of up to 3000 tn/hr. Designed specifically for the cement and steel industries, these models feed materials such as limestone, mill scale, dolomite, iron ore pellets, fluorspar, and coke. The units can also withstand harsh environments, such as abrasive dusts, corrosive fumes, wide temperature fluctuations, and vibrations, without any detrimental effects on performance or accuracy. Weighing is done through a patented low-deflection, non-wearing Force Measurement Suspension System weight-sensing scale. The weight transducer is located outside the feeder enclosure. This design makes the scale less susceptible to damage, assists with cleaning, and is not prone to tare build-up. High accuracy is accomplished by using 100% of the scale’s capacity to weigh material. Dead weight of the weigh idler and belt is mass-counterbalanced, providing good resolution and a high signal-to-noise ratio.
Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries Inc., Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.ThayerScale.com

Single- and Dual-Flow Feeders

These single- and dual-flow feeders are accurate and keep materials moving. Benefits include elimination of buildup and clogging; easy installation (they are shipped completely assembled); minimum maintenance because of frictionless rubber bushings that allow pan movement; formed welded steel; oversized heavy-duty ball bearings; feed rates that can be accurately determined by the speed of movement; and easy control with standard motor controls. Dual-flow feeders can increase the flow of aggregate from 1200 to 2400 tn/hr.
Saunco Technologies, Hickman, CA 209-874-2719 www.saunco.com

3-A Sanitary Feeder-Conveyor

This combination feeder-conveyor for free-flowing and nonfree-flowing bulk dairy products, pharmaceutical products, and other contamination-sensitive materials meets 3-A sanitary standards. A coupling positioned beyond the point at which material exits the discharge spout eliminates the potential of contamination while allowing quick disconnection of the screw from the motor drive for washdown. The screw is the only moving part contacting material. The unit simultaneously meters and elevates bulk materials, potentially eliminating the need for a separate feeder and conveyor, while reducing the clearance typically required above the receiving vessel for a dedicated feeder.
Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

Weigh Belt Feeders

The Model 970N is a variation of the Model 970 line of weigh belt feeders. The 970N utilizes the same high-accuracy weighing and control technology as the standard Model 970. The 970N is an open-construction (no enclosure) feeder designed using GMP guidelines. It can be washed down and heat-sterilized in place and can weigh or meter a wide variety of materials such as cereals, fruits, nuts, vegetables, flours, and sugars. It is available in 12-, 20-, and 24-in. belt widths and various grades of stainless steel including 304, 316, and 316L. The unit comes equipped with the Genetix line of microprocessor controls, allowing it to communicate with PLCs or PCs using standard industrial network protocols.
Merrick Industries Inc., Lynn Haven, FL 850-271-7854 www.merrick-inc.com

Rotary Airlock Feeders

These rotary airlock feeders are available in a range of sizes.The standard-duty series is ideal for low-pressure conveying and dust collection applications. The heavy-duty HD series airlocks are designed for rugged applications and engineered for high-pressure, high-temperature service conditions requiring an outboard, bearing-style unit. All rotor and shaft designs are oversized to eliminate shaft deflection and fatigue. The HDPV heavy-duty pellet valve and the HDSE heavy-duty side-entry models are designed with an offset inlet and discharge opening. The sanitary-valve SV series features the Kwik-Klean and Klean-In-Place models. Both are designed for use in USDA-approved plants and sanitary standards and are designed for fast disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly without tools or removal from service. The CV custom-valve series can handle oversized large materials, high pressures, and extreme temperatures.
Wm. W. Meyer & Sons Inc., Libertyville, IL 800-963-4458 www.wmwmeyer.com

Mass-Flow Feeder

The mass-flow feeder is a controllable, high-capacity gravity feeder for relatively coarse granular materials. It consists of a mass-flow hopper with two movable sides. The discharge rate is controlled by synchronous rotation of the two movable sides. The flow rate is a function of the discharge opening width and the slope of the blades. Minimum flow rate is limited by the opening width at which the material arches across the opening. Turndown rates of 10 to 1 can normally be expected. At a specific setting, the unit discharges consistently with little variation.
PEBCO Inc., Paducah, KY 270-442-1996 www.pebco.com

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